Standardization in HR Department

IRISS | Travel Industry

Standardization in HR Department

IRISS | Travel Industry

Client Introduction

A Low Cost and Multi-Dimensional Global Distribution Service, serving as a single point connection between the Airlines and Agents, the firm is the first of its kind in the industry. The company exhibits a clear, operational economy of scale and proposes to simplify the distribution system by offering cutting edge technology to travel fraternity, which would foster stability among travel distributors, expansion in the network, lower airline distribution costs and slow content fragmentation.

Business Scenario

The organization was a startup. Despite offering salaries above the market level, employees were dissatisfied as the basic HR processes were not in place. The HR activity was administered through the accounts department. There was a need for role clarity and accountability. Compensation rationalization was a need and employees required managerial support.

Husys Solution: Support to Exercise the Standard HR Function Management

  • Development of Employee Terms and Conditions
  • Development and Implementation of Induction Process
  • Drafting of Roles & Responsibilities
  • Development of Performance Review Mechanism
  • Defining and Implementation of Recruitment Processes and Procedures
  • Provision and Implementation of HRIS Software, ApHusys

Key Benefits

  • Management of Reimbursement, Pre-Payroll and Payroll Activity
  • Managing Employee Relations
  • Documentation and Implementation of Performance Management System

Future Plan for Organisation

  • Employee Engagement Activity focused on team building and workplace development.
  • Documentation and Implementation of Training processes

Key Steps

From aligning your HR with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your company into a big league, Husys has the experience and expertise that you need. Get the HR services from our expert team, we are here to help you out for any HR challenges you’re facing in your organization.

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