Revolutionized Food Industry

Manjilas | Food Services

Revolutionized Food Industry

Manjilas | Food Services

Client Introduction

Founded in the year 1959 as a rice milling company selling high quality rice, it revolutionized the food sector in Kerala and began branching into breakfast powders, mixes, wheat products, curry powders and condiments to name a few. Today the company offers more than 20 superior types of rice and 100 premium quality products in different ranges.

Business Scenario

The firm desired to have a more professional and updated HR process and system in place.

Husys Solution: Engaged to Provide a Standard HR solution

  • Development of HR Manual
  • Development of Organizational Structure Model
  • Drafting of Roles and Responsibilities with KRAs
  • Assessment of Internal Team for Role Fitment
  • Salary/ CTC Structures for Various Levels
  • Design of PMS Framework
  • Statutory Gaps at Shop Floor

Key Benefits

  • Preparation of HR Manual
  • Development of Organizational Structure and hierarchical levels
  • Drafting of Roles & Responsibilities with KRA’s
  • Development of Training framework for implementation
  • Assessment of Internal team for role fitment
  • Development of Salary Structures for various levels
  • Design of PMS Framework
  • Statutory gaps Identification

Future Plan for Organisation

  • Continuation and Improvement of current plan of action

Key Steps

From aligning your HR with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your company into a big league, Husys has the experience and expertise that you need. Don’t get confused with your HR Services, get the assistance from our HR experts to get the standardized solution to your HR management.

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