Energy Management Firm in India

NextGen | Environment Consulting

Energy Management Firm in India

NextGen | Environment Consulting

Client Introduction

Initiated in 2009, the company is a pioneer in Carbon Footprint and Sustainability Management in Asia. Operating in 6 countries with Fortune 500 companies across 16 sectors, it is a first of its kind initiative, energy management firm in India, delivering clean energy and ensuring sustainable performance.

Business Scenario

Keeping with its core values of innovation, impact, and integrity. Husys, which initiated service in June 2013, was a quick blend with the firm.

Husys Solution: Assistance to Provide Complete Manpower Solution

  • Recruitment Process
    • Screening
    • Scheduling of Interviews
    • Conduct of Interview Process
    • Reference Check
    • Maintenance of Recruitment Tracker
  • Employee Joining Process
    • Finalization of Job Description
    • Collection of Pre-Joining Documents
    • Maintenance of Resume Database
    • Salary Negotiation
    • Development of Induction Schedule
    • Provision of Appointment Letters and Personal File Maintenance
    • Employee Data Capturing and Administration of the same
  • Development of HR Policies (Work norm, Recruitment, Leave, Travel, Exit, etc.,)
  • Training and Development
    • Training Data Compilation
    • Training Programs Execution
    • Training Feedback Analysis
  • Exit Process
    • Execution of Exit Formalities
    • No Due Process completion
    • Coordination for Full and Final Settlement
  • General Administration Procedure
  • Development of Organizational Structure
  • Performance Management System
    • Roles & Responsibilities linked KRA’s
    • Award and Reward Mechanism
  • Fun at Work

Key Benefits

  • Development of Organizational Structure
  • Conduct of Recruitment’s from manpower planning to provision of candidates for interview
  • Support in managing Payroll
  • Salary Negotiation with prospective candidates
  • Development, Implementation, and clarification of HR Policies
  • Employee Data Capturing and administration of the same
  • Ensuring a fun at Work through birthday celebrations etc.
  • Execution of Exit Formalities
  • Completion of Full and Final Settlement

Future Plan for Organisation

  • Continue and improve upon the activity being presently administered at the firm

Key Steps

From aligning your HR with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your company into a big league, Husys has the experience and expertise that you need. For better HR experience to your employee and organization.

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