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Compensation survey is otherwise called as Salary survey. Compensation survey is a suite of strategies used for determining the average or median salary and benefits of the specific designation of an employee. For SME’s it’s not possible to use resources for carrying out survey process. Instead, they collect the data from Custom surveys (third party), Surveys carried out by organizations and consulting companies, Bureau of Labor Statistics’ wage data, Trade and professional organizations.

Compensation survey is a dynamic process which needs frequent updates on quarterly, half-yearly or annually based on company’s recruitment needs. Compensation survey data will not be valid for a long term period. Compensation survey service mainly include:

  • Assessing salary surveys
  • Analyze job descriptions or position profiles in the survey report
  • Record province and region
  • File operating budgets of respondent organizations
  • Note the types and descriptions of respondent organizations
  • Record the education level and (full/part-time/union/contract) status of respondents
  • Collect whole year data and note the date of the report
  • Look at all of the numbers
  • Evaluate and Rate survey validity
  • Determine the survey is a one time event or its repeated.

How will Compensation Survey benefit you in functions?

  • Clear Competitive Advantage
  • Decision Making Using the Whole Picture
  • Consistent and Defensible Pay Levels
  • Knowledge of Current Trends
  • Avoid Overpaying the Employees
  • Assuring Confidentiality
  • Increased Profitability
  • Sustainable Financial Performance
  • Employee Retention and Satisfaction


Husys, a pool of HR professional specialized in diverse fields of HR function management. We are in this field over more than 15 years and handled a bundle of projects on different types of specialized HR services. We came up with the expertise HR solutions for SME’s, which assists them to focus on their business development and make themselves free from HR services. Compensation survey is also one of the specialized service, which is a daunting task for the SME’s to maintain regularly for better compensate their employee based on the competitive market price.

“ I certainly appreciated the excellent compensation survey report”


“ I certainly appreciated the excellent compensation survey report”