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Re-defining HRIS, merging 15 years of HR Experience with technology.

Human resources and information technology are two elements that many firms are looking to utilize as strategic weapons to compete for the hyper-competitive era to which the answer is HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

The role of employees within organisations are very vital in the management and survival of any organisation. The aim of HR is to investigate the improvement of construction workers productivity through an efficient Human Resource Management practices.

An HRIS will also lead to increases in efficiency when it comes to making decisions in HR. The decisions made should also increase in quality, and as a result, the productivity of both employees and managers should increase and become more effective.

We the HR Professionals at Husys got a clear picture about the historical development of HRM and the increasing role of information technology. HRIS initiates elimination of the paper clutter and saves time. It also increases employee productivity.

The usage of HRIS Reduces the cost of stored data in the human resource. Due to the competitive environment in which the SME’s are under pressure to reduce the cost, using cloud technology we can easily integrate systems with fewer efforts. Cloud-based HR concentrates on the financial aspect which is a major criterion in selecting the HR solutions.

Cloud-based HR solutions also provide flexibility and control over the user accessibility. In this context setting up a Cloud HR Platform could generate a 60% cost effectiveness and 40% of HR time.HR experts in Husys bought the cloud HR platform to startups and SME’s which reduces hardware and control of maintenance costs.

It is high time to upgrade your HR department with state of the art HRIS has come, you'll likely be surprised by the variety of features that HUSYS can offer as APHusys.


A variety of payroll systems exists in HRIS including some that are fully automated and synced with external time clocks and others that allow each employee to enter their time into the system for managerial approval. Different kinds of pay structures and wage/ salary costing is also available in ApHusys to make the payroll activities easy


It reduces the time it takes to complete tasks without sacrificing quality of work. It also imports documents into a digital repository. It also provides features like timesheets, Recruitment, leaves management, tax, Employee record management.


The communication can be delivered to the employees internally without any hassle.


ApHusys has systematic performance management system, which helps to assess the performance of employees. We can also create optimal goal setting which can also help in performance tracking. It also ties actions into consequences and also collects feedbacks and reviews from peers


ApHusys have a revolutionary invention of a mobile ready application into looking into the needs of HR companies. OMA that we pronounce as “O”“MAA” helps as an HR Advisor that helps the user. It is an assistant with the power of knowledge and intelligence in future.