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How productivity improves with the right management.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM sometimes referred to as a PMS, is the process that a company uses to appraise and recognize its personnel. A company with a properly executed performance management system can improve employee morale, increase productivity and retain its top workers.

But why do you need PMS ?

  • It helps measuring performance
  • See if what you are paying is more or less
  • Understand how your Company performed in the last year.
  • Review your HR Practices.
  • Appraisals for your Employees
  • And be one step ahead in your next year planning.

What happens in PMS?

  • Evaluate your employee performance
  • Conduct job analysis
  • Audit your HR
  • Review the current system
  • Review the Compensation and benchmark the same.

But when should one get it done?

  • A proper PMS takes time to deliver depending upon the employees you want evaluated.
  • The longer you delay, the more you dive into the darkness of performance.
  • So the answer to that is getting it done Right now! A full-fledged PMS takes time and once properly implemented it helps making evaluations and management that easier.