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PEO -A co-employer to your employee

PEO - A separate firm to take care of your HR management services.

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PEO -A co-employer to your employee

PEO - A separate firm to take care of your HR management services.

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Your HR Management Partner

PEO - A separate firm to take care of your HR services.

Husys PEO service is designed to assist the employer from any country to set up their hassle free business in India. By providing a simple and efficient way of Recruiting an Employee, Payroll Management, benefits and statutory tax compliance management.


We help our international clients to transfer an employee to India and manage the immigration process. We provide complete HR function services from our end to the employee, but he/she will work for our clients business by working at our own workspace, where an employee can immediately start working. Our service will help our international clients, to start their business operations in India, without any delays, expense, and headache of building a complete legal entity at the outset thus assure third party incubation.


PEO services are best suitable for companies, who want their business operations to be carried out in India, but they don’t want to include a local entity immediately. It helps clients to commence their actions quickly without waiting for any legal permission with minimum cost and risk.



Some appealing features of our PEO service:

  • We take care of the complete HR services of an employee according to client instructions and in accordance with Indian Labor legislation.
  • Our clients can hire and transfer an employee according to their choice of interest to India.
  • Husys sponsors both the work and residence permit and takes the employee on our payroll process.
  • When the client set up their own complete legal entity in the country, We provide our complete support to client for transferring the employee to client subsidiary.


Benefits of selecting Husys as your PEO provider:

Husys integrates complete HR solutions at one application called Aphusys. That can make into real savings, greater efficiency, and revenue. Here are the reasons why you choose us:

  • Easy to commence your business operation in India.
  • No need to bother about taking services from an accountant, lawyers or auditors.
  • We have good relations with the international employee, ensuring minimal termination or severance issues.
  • No need to lease a new office and maintain it can use our professional office.
  • Ability to analyze the market with minimum investment.
  • After the completion of the agreed time period in the Global Office Incubator, the employees can be transferred to the clients own registered company.
  • We can immediately mobilize employees to areas, where clients do not have a permanent entity.
  • Assistance and guidance from a trusted HR services business partner, who is concerned to help your organization, proactively manage your employees and help you in making right business decisions.
  • The ability to scale up or down your human resources without any effect on your infrastructure.
  • Responsible for employment risk
  • Provide your employee with an opportunity to get standard HR services and benefits like a Fortune listed company’s employee.

If you still have any confusion regarding PEO services and its benefits to your employees. We are here to assist you better.


“Partnering with Husys as PEO, reduced our organization work to half”

Case Studies

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A rice milling company founded in the year 1959, branched their business to offer more than 20 superior types of rice and 100 premium quality products in different ranges. They need a Professional HR management in their workplace.

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A dynamic group, with an extensive experience in wide range of Plotting, Housing, Farms, Infra, and Resorts & Leisure Services. The organization is in an expansion phase, need an effective HR management from external entities, to ensure focus on care capabilities.

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A College, established in the year 2001. And Spread its branches in different educational fields to enable growth of students and professors. The college needs a support to transform the college into a deemed university with an effective HR management.

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