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Hire, Manage, and Pay Employees Globally

We Ensure 100% Compliance Without Setting Up Any Entity in India or Globally as professional employer organization

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Hire Fast & Expand Business Globally

In today’s interconnected world, businesses are no longer bound by geographical limitations. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, expanding globally opens up new opportunities and markets. At our EOR or PEO services providers company in India or globally, we are specialized in helping businesses navigate the complexities of global expansion. Our mission is to make the process seamless, efficient, and cost-effective for you.

Navigating the Traditional Global Expansion Landscape

Unlocking Payroll Efficiency with PEO Services

Find A Right Talent with Our Inhouse Recruiting Team

Husys is built-in to give specialised Human Talent Acquisition solutions, making it easier to find the right people. Talent acquisition teams are also in charge of creating and communicating company branding to potential applicants. Candidates should have a good awareness of your company’s culture, reputation, significant differentiators from competitors, and products and services through branding.

Simplifying Global Business Expansion With Husys International EOR/PEO Services

Understanding Business Needs

Thoroughly assess the business owner’s HR requirements, challenges, and preferences. Identify the scope of services needed

PEO Consultation Services

Our expert consultation services cover HR management, compliance with Indian & 150+ countries labor laws, payroll administration, employee benefits, work permits, and legal entity setup assistance.

Employee Hiring OR Transfering

Facilitate hiring based on client preferences. Handle paperwork for transferring existing employees to India or anywhere globally in 150+ countries.

Residency and Work Permits

Assist employees in obtaining work permits and residency documentation. Ensure compliance with immigration laws.

Payroll and Benefits Administration

Set up payroll systems, manage salary disbursements, and administer employee benefits.

Legal Entity Establishment Support

Incase client want to establish their own legal entity anywhere in India or globally we help them to transfer the employees data as per requirement. (Optional)

Why You Should Make the Switch and Trust Us

Husys is a distinct ISO Certified global platform spanning in India and across 150+ countries, specialized in PEO, EOR, and Global Payroll solutions tailored for the talent ecosystem, backed by over two decades of expertise and operational excellence since 2002

Husys - A People2.0 Company Other Companies
Can expand business to 150+ Countries
Have partnered with other agencies
Onboard in less than 5 business hours
Onboarding in 2-3 weeks
Easy on-time contract amendments
Gets delayed due to 3rd party
No Deposit, No Setup Fee
Cost Varies as the dependency on 3rd party
No Onboarding/Off-boarding Fee
Charges may Vary
Global Payment system (Pay anywhere globally)
Limited options

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Husys, a leading India-based HR service company established in 2002, offers end-to-end HR outsourcing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. With over 21 years of industry expertise, Husys has served 5000+ domestic and international clients, leveraging its proprietary HRIS software, ApHusys, to deliver unmatched speed and efficiency.

In 2007, Husys pioneered PEO/EOR services, facilitating 500+ global companies’ expansion into India. Through its partnership with People2.0 in 2021, Husys now extends its reach to 150+ countries, offering Agency of Records services and a 100% off deposit and setup fee for PEO/EOR services. Committed to innovation and client satisfaction, Husys continues to tailor high-quality HR solutions to meet evolving business needs.

Though some use the terms interchangeably, PEOs and EORs have a few important distinctions. PEOs mostly handle HR functions for businesses, while EORs go one step further to employ workers on behalf of their client companies. If you do not own an entity in the country where you want to employ someone, you need an employer of record, not a PEO.

Your employer of record handles the legal employment of your workers in other countries via a service agreement. On paper, the EOR is the employer. In reality, the EOR simply facilitates the paperwork for the sake of compliance. You continue to work with your employees under the EOR the same way you work with all your other employees. In this way, an EOR allows you to employ full-time workers in countries where you do not own a legal entity.

Professional employer organizations lack the ability to employ workers in other countries on your behalf. PEOs typically provide most of the same human resources services as EORs, but without the additional layer of international compliance. PEOs also do not typically offer the local legal guidance that an EOR would.

Your PEO is typically not involved in your employment contracts. A PEO is more of a services provider than a partner for global expansion. An EOR, on the other hand, immediately allows your company to employ workers around the world. Your business, your employee, and your EOR all participate in employment contracts to ensure your employment of international workers is legal.

It is important to remember that an EOR can also provide all the HR services your business needs, such as payroll and benefits management. When you expand your team into new countries, having an all-in-one partner to handle these key processes in addition to your compliance needs can make life much easier.

Except employee offered salary and Service fee there is no extra cost occur to any International company to employee an employee in India. We work on Percentage model and fixed service fee model. Please connect with us for more details.

We have direct presence in 40+ countries all across the globe and we operate through our Partners in 50+ countries. With the network and direct presence we can able to deliver our services in 100+ countries al across the globe.

We normally take 8 business hours to complete the end to end onboarding process for an employee.

Yes, Husys will take care of End to End employment and Local Tax, statuary complaints etc in India for the employees under PEO/EOR service model.

Yes, employees will get the detailed salary slip once the monthly salary is processed.

Expand Your Reach To India and 150+ Other Global Origins

Elevate your business with us and unlock global potential! Expand effortlessly with our PEO payroll services covering India and 150+ countries. Contact us to start now!

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