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Global PEO Companies in India to Save at least 65% costs and 100% time By Making a Right Choice

Husys PEO service is designed to assist the employer from any country to set up their hassle-free business in 45+ Countries. By providing a simple and efficient way starting with recruiting a right talent. As one of the largest global PEO company or international PEO companies, our HR services will help our international clients, to start their business operations in India and other 45+ Countries, without any delays, expense, and headache of building a complete legal entity at the outset thus assure third-party incubation.As a leading global PEO providers, we believe assistance and guidance from a trusted HR services business partner and global peo company, who is concerned to help your organization,

Expand Your Business With Global PEO Services

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or otherwise called as EOR (Employer of Records) acts as a co-employer to your employees so that you can focus on your running business and growth without worrying about legal and statutory compliance.

It is not so unfamiliar concept for SMEs as a global employment service in India takes care of everything- right from joining to relieving.. We are one of the top global PEO companies or international PEO companies offering a wide range of plans for startups and SMEs so that companies can take care of their employees with the best affordable benefits. We as an international peo company; provide your employee with an opportunity to get standard HR services and benefits like a Fortune listed company’s employee.

Global PEO Services

Spread Your Business into Multiple International Markets

Unmatch Your Risks of Hiring Right Talents with quality and right candidates for suitable positions that can adhere to the firm’s requirements and perform in the best possible manner. It goes around a systematic procedure to appropriately fulfill organizational outcomes.

Through Global Talent Acquisition, a firm doesn’t only fulfill the vacant position but tries to hire the right talent which can accomplish the goals within the organization and helps you to launch your entity in the right market segments with our international PEO Services.

Why Husys?

Global Outreach

Get your employee the standards of fortune listed company's employee and analyse the market with minimum investment


We integrate HR Solutions with Core HR Platform called APHusys that can make into real savings, grater efficiency and revenue. You can access complete information of employees at your finger tips.

Reduce Risk

We help our client to reduce risk and deply their resources across 45+ countries without any delays and headache of building a legal entity at the outset.

Low Turnover Cost

Assistance and guidance from a trusted HR services business partner, who is concerned to help your organization, proactively manage your employees and help you in making right business decisions.

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