Aligning with market demands

Aligning With Market Demands

Client Details

Company: Jagdamba Pearls

Industry: Retail Company


The company is based in the Pearl City, Hyderabad. A partnership firm, it is in the business of manufacture and retailing of pearls. Having been in the market for the past 84 years, it stamps its mark with over 2 million customers in India.
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Business Scenario

What was
The Challenge?

As the company grew in size and competition grew, the management focused attention on core activity and sought the help of Husys in managing its employees. The levels of employee grievance were high and a sturdy backbone of satisfied employees was imperative for the propelling the enterprise forward.


Engage as an HR Service Partner

  • Strategic Interventions- Business Objective Setting & Organizational Grading
  • Organogram Designing & Role Grading Documents
  • HR Process Defining & Recruitment-Manpower Planning Process and Approvals
  • HR Recruitment Budgeting and Approval
  • Recruitment Policy and Related Formats
  • Defining of Selection Procedure for Each Level
  • Interview Rating Sheets & Reference Check Formats for Key positions
  • Induction and Training- Role Orientation & Skill Identification
  • Employee Positioning
  • Clarified hierarchical orientation leading to clarify role positioning in an organization.
  • Development of Policies (Incentive, reward & recognition, leave, etc.) streamlined the HR Process flow in the firm.
  • Employee role fit and positioning based on the identification of skill set and appropriate training Streamlined recruitment and selection process.
  • Systematized operations even at remote locations through implementation of HRIS

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