Standard HR Solutions

Standard HR Solution

Client Details

Company: Prayama Business

Industry: Management Consulting


The company was set up in the year 2007 to manage the sales and operations for its parent Company in Mauritius. Having their corporate office at Bengaluru, this 15 members strong Fiduciary firm provides support to help in creating Fund and management services for clients across the globe.

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Business Scenario

What was
The Challenge?

By growing demand to inculcate best HR practices and make the India Operations team strong, Prayama invited Husys to handle the operations for 4 cities of the world from India Office. The company at this time did not have an in-house HR and also no proper records of employees. From 2013 onwards, Husys is servicing the client.


Support to Instill Best HR Practices

  • India Business Unit and Cultural auditing.
  • Employee Capability Assessments & Talent Acquisition.
  • Role Documentation with measurable performance delivery.
  • Assignment of KRAs to all employees & Productivity improvement plans.
  • Effective induction through a process approach.
  • Review and Advice on the Employee terms and conditions of Employment.
  • Review and implement Performance Management System.
  • Employee Communication, Engagement, and Appreciation & Encouragement.
  • Building Training and Development Process within the organization.
  • Developing of HR Manual and Handbook.
  • Turnaround of Company operations in India via best HR practices.
  • Consistent HR support (No dependency on the Resource).
  • Complete process setup, Data management, and On-time Error-free Reports.
  • HR Reports helping them to manage the Manpower and Costs.
  • Performance Management and Improvisation, Systematic and Scientific Appraisal Process.
  • Office Discipline and Attendance .
  • Office Band, Layers, and Organogram: Helping in Salary, Role Definition, and Role Fitment .
  • Hiring Competent People.
  • Phase 2.0 of organizational growth
  • Hiring key leaders to drive and scale to 50 people organization in next 6 months
  • Phase 2.0 of organizational growth
  • Hiring key leaders to drive and scale to 50 people organization in next 6 months

From aligning your HR with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your company into a big league, Husys has the experience and expertise that you need.

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