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A Complete Pack of HR Bundle starting from hiring to Retire For Your HR Department

Our dedicated team specifically works for achieving clients’ goals. Our HR consulting services include- HR Business Framework, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Compensation Surveys, Outplacement and HR Audit. All these services are one of its kind in the market.


360 Degree HR Consulting Solutions For Your Business

Does your company require a robust yet effective solution to develop a proper structure? Or your employees don’t remain updated with their roles and responsibilities? Our team of HR experts can be consulted for any pertaining issues or problems. Just tell us the pain point and we’ll convert it into your biggest strength. Missing out on competitive compensation? Or want to analyse the risk with current laws and regulations? Well, we have got everything covered for you! Consult us to ascertain the pitfalls and increase the growth curve. Enable the people to perfection to carve a niche in your field of operations.

HR Business Framework

Our economic plans can execute the right frameworks with the right talents & boost productivity including sales.

Employee Engagement

Foresee your employees’ growth with yours and make them fall in love with the work they do.

Productivity Improvement

To make employees excel in their work, implement the analysis. Assess your employees’ performance with our tools.

Compensation Survey

Losing a quality employee costs a lot on the employer! Avoid the disparity of payments by offering competitive pay.


Practice a smooth exit of employees! Choose Outplacement services as it voices an employer’s dignity towards the employee.

HR Audit

The audit enables you to check the pitfalls within a firm! Increase productivity and check your compliance with federal, state, and local laws.



Stability in the business operations comes with a systemized coordination. If there is no standardized procedure to handle all HR operations’ work from recruitment to exit formalities, a company faces disparity, unproductivity, and loss sometimes. Sow in a standardized HR to reap productivity in your firm’s future. The strategies, policies, and procedures followed by our Husys professionals are of high standard and meets the needs of SMEs and large organizations. We let our clients avoid the tasks which are irrelevant for their business operations and help them to follow the right strategies, thus help them in maintaining the efficiency of their business process.

HR Function Management

Our HR expertise handles everything- recruitment, orientation, training & development, & exit formalities to help you elevate your business goals.


Bid-Adieu to high processing costs, risks, & errors by choosing our technologically driven payroll platfor

Talent Acquisition

Hire the best and keep the tension for rest, quality employees act as a catalyst to the company’s growth.

HR Shared Services

Starting from the structuring of HR management to exit formalities, HR lease can help you solve the most complex problems.


Automate your HR department to reduce cost and maximise efficiency.

Churn out excessive manual work requirements from HR’s desk through automation. Get secure and easily accessible data over the blink of an eye and utilize the time for other productivity. Know about the pain points of your firm and get-target oriented solutions within no time. Enable the employees so there remains, no reason to quit or leave the organization. All this is done with technology so that HR can concentrate on other issues rather than completing big-forms of data. 

HR Department Automation

Multiple tasks can be carried out within a single click through our application- APHUSYS. Access to complete data as they are present in cloud server. 

Employee Engagement Survey

Gain a competitive edge by conducting an employee engagement survey as it enables you to know the employees’ opinions. 

HR Outsourcing

How We Deliver?

Benefits Clients Get

Why Husys?

Bypass HR Responsibilities

The HR shared solutions are the best way for busy entrepreneurs to bypass HR management responsibilities and focus on running their business. Let assign this responsibility to us to find the right talent for you and maintaining the brand of your business.

Cost Effective

HR shared services takes care of the contract or temporary base seasonal recruitment which saves your overall turnover cost. You can hire the HR lease for compensating the lack of skilled HR professionals.

Avoid RIsk Of Legal Suits

HR Shared services are the most popular choice of smart entrepreneurs all over the world. There wouldn’t be any need of getting an update on the legal and federal laws associated with the Employment and Labor Laws, HR lease will implement on their own.

Expertise Support

Can experience the state of the art technology with the HR shared, as they make use of innovative technology for effective HR function management with standardization in their service.

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Shift the pressure of the HR department on an expert’s shoulder.

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