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Accelerate Your Business Launch with EOR Services

Get Access to the HR Administration, Talent Acquisition, Employment Benefits, Statutory Compliance, Payroll with Husys that can drive you to enable you to..

Save Your Time

Speedup the process on of hiring new talents, Setting up policies and Processing Payroll For Employees

Avail the Benefits

Utilize the EOR benefits like setting up the right health benefits, retirement benefits for employees.

Attract and Retain

Attract and regain the employee trust with better work policies and programs.

Risk Migration

Get support from the dedicated HR expertise in developing employee handbooks and more!

New To Employer Of Records (EOR)?

A EOR Services (Employer of Records) acts as a co-employer to your employees so that you can focus on your running business and growth without worrying about legal and statutory compliance. It is not so unfamiliar concept for SMEs as a EOR takes care of everything- right from joining to relieving. As a EOR service provider in India, we offer a wide range of plans for start-ups and SMEs so that companies can take care of their employees with the best affordable benefits. 

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A complete coverage for your business launch with EOR Services (Employer of Records)

EOR Service Providers in India

Why Husys?

Global Outreach

Provide your employee with an opportunity to get standard HR services and benefits like a Fortune listed company’s employee. Ability to analyse the market with minimum investment.

Reduce Risks

Our service will help our international clients to start their business operations in India without any delays, expense, and headache of building a complete legal entity at the outset. Thus, assures third-party incubation.


Husys integrates complete HR solutions at one application called APHUSYS. That can make into real savings, greater efficiency, and revenue. You can access the complete information of your employee sitting at your own pace, wherever you’re.

Lower Turnover Cost

Assistance and guidance from a trusted HR services business partner, who is concerned to help your organization, proactively manage your employees and help you in making right business decisions.

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Get the complete coverage with EOR Services across 150+ countries!

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