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Build an Agile Workforce Without Any Stress

Setting up an entity in a foreign country can take as long as six months. But, we don’t want you to wait such a long time to hire the right people for your organization. With Husys’s EOR services, you can expand your business to more than 100+ countries while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations

What is AOR and Why Should You Care?

Agent of Record is a third-party service provider that classifies and ensures independent contractors’ compliance. The AOR, in this case, Husys, will engage with the contractor or freelancer in a standard contract and facilitate negotiations (as per your requirements). 

Throughout the project, we ensure that the contractor respects the agreement and maintains necessary certifications and insurances to avoid a classification change.

Depending on the state and country, there are several laws and regulations to ensure an individual is not coerced into an independent contractor model (for saving taxes, medical benefits, etc.). However, a reputed AOR service provider can ensure you comply with local laws, preventing legal issues at any stage. 

What's the process?

How to setup AOR and How it benefits?

How it benefits?

EOR Service Providers

How and Why Husys Can Help You?

Husys AOR Services helps to differentiate independent contractors and manage documents before hiring contractors to prepare and audit defense files from the beginning of administration and ensure both parties to follow the contracts. We cover managing the payments and invoices every month to migrate risks and indemnification of advice on the best strategies for engaging with independent contractors.

Save Your Precious Time Now!

We understand how important it is for you to get the work done. Therefore, you can onboard independent contractors and start assigning them tasks from the first week

Data Security and Privacy

Every individual contractor that works for you signs a non-confidentiality and non-compete restriction clause to keep your sensitive business information safe and secure.

Instant Issue Resolution

When you partner with us, you get a dedicated HR working for you. Should you have any concerns, our team will be happy to assist you.

State of the art technology

Understand your spending, improve efficiency, and boost revenue with our app APHUSYS. Also, track complete information of employees working for you.

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