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Embark on Your Indian Business Odyssey With Our EOR Services

We can help you to hire, manage, and pay employees / contractors all across the globe With our Employer of Record services company in India

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Leave Outdated Methods Behind

Tired of struggling with old ways when expanding globally?

The New Way with EOR Services

Unlock the transformational path to expanding your business in India.

How Husys Employer of Record Services Work?

Simplifying Business Expansion through Global EOR Services

A gateway to simplify business expansion With Husys EOR Services Providers

Joining as global strategic partner

We become your local ally in India or 150+ countries ensuring a smooth entry into the market.

Effortless employee management

From payroll to compliance, we handle the administrative burden, letting you focus on growth.

Faster global market penetration

With us handling the intricacies, you can accelerate your market presence and operations.

Why Husys?

Our Capabilities Unlock Your Possibilities

Your Gateway to India Expansion

A distinct ISO Certified global platform spanning across 150+ countries, specializing in EOR, PEO and Global Payroll solutions tailored for the talent ecosystem, backed by over two decades of expertise

Husys - A People2.0 Company Other Companies
Can expand business to 150+ Countries
Have partnered with other agencies
Onboard in less than 5 business hours
onboarding in 2-3 weeks
Easy on-time contract amendments
Gets delayed due to 3rd party
No Deposit, No Setup Fee
Cost Varies as the dependency on 3rd party
No Onboarding/Off-boarding Fee
Charges may Vary
Global Payment system (Pay anywhere globally)
Limited options
Being Slow to Hire

Being Slow to Hire

Are you feeling the weight of sluggish hiring processes holding back your business growth in India? It's time to break free from the shackles of delay and propel your expansion forward with Husys.

Expand Globally

Take your business globally to 150+ countries without third-party consultants from hiring to retirement.

Tight Talents

Our global dedicated talent acquisition team helps you hire the right talent for the job roles you are looking for and onboard in just 8 working hours,

Accurate Payroll

We use automated payroll management to maintain the accuracy of payroll and avoid a double check.

Employee Benefits

Get competitive supplemental package that complies with all local regulatory norms and can meet all your employee needs.

Low Turnover Cost

We take care of complete employee compensation, benefits, incentives, tax deductions, statutory compliance and other things in a standard way.

Reduce Risks

We help our clients start their business operations globally without any delays or the headache of building a complete legal entity at the outset. 

What People Say About Us?

Client Testimonials

Ready Unlock India's Full Potential with Husys EOR Services?

Elevate your business with us and experience swift market entry, substantial cost savings, total compliance peace of mind, and unparalleled expertise. Expand your horizons today!

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