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The PEO is responsible only for HR functioning Which encompasses- Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, Payroll, Recruiting, Training and Development and Risk Management. PEO does not – Control your business, Replace your internal HR staff and Cause disruption to your workplace. Proper HR functioning can really make a lot of difference in your revenue generating opportunities. When you’re free with HR activities, you can fully focus on business development and can improve revenue effectively.

The PEO service includes the complete HR function management service of client business on our payroll and takes care of the complete legal policy and procedures associated with the client business operations and functions. Some of the PEO services include, but not restricted to these:

  • PEO Consultation
  • HR Services (defined by the client)
  • Open to Hiring and Transfer an employee
  • Responsible for Employment Risk
  • Manage Complete HR Functions
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Update with the Legal Policies and Procedures

How will PEO benefit you in functions?

  • Easy to commence business in India
  • One stop for complete HR solutions
  • Minimal termination or severance issues
  • No need for your own office
  • Assistance from an expert
  • Flexibility in scaling human resources
  • Responsible for employment risk
  • Standard service to employees
  • Global Reach
  • Can experience the state of the art technology


Husys evolved from its roots in the year 2002, with a unique vision to deliver standard HR function management service and benefits like a Fortune listed company’s to employee. All our Husys professionals are qualified enough to handle any type of HR Service. Husys integrates complete HR solutions at one application called ApHusys. That can make into real savings, greater efficiency, and revenue. If you still have any confusion regarding PEO services and its benefits to your employees. We are here to assist you better.

“Partnering with Husys as PEO, reduced our organization work to half”


“Partnering with Husys as PEO, reduced our organization work to half”