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This area of competency focuses primarily on the Operational excellence and delivery capability in terms of the day-to-day transactions of the Business. Our Company offers various products and services under this category. This area of specialization brings the best of the breed operational efficiencies in building and managing day-to-day business HR operations. The solutions are customized, based on the needs of the client; however, the following are some of the areas of service provided. HR Function Management Solution (Core): This is our Company’s Flagship & Primary Service that is mastered over a period of 12 years in India. We are the pioneers and leaders in building HR Departments and Management for Small and Medium Organizations.

A brief pictorial representation of the opportunities integrating other services is as below:

HRFM Exclusive Search Training Payroll HRIS HR E-Platform Total Yield
Exclusive Search: In this solution, our Company offers Talent Acquisition for clients. Husys usually has an exclusive mandate – 90% of the times, since exclusivity always gives us an opportunity to generate business and gain revenue stream using our capabilities.
These services require keeping the database, networking and a large pool of social/professional network in multiple industries. Our growing HRFM clients always have a need for people and become exclusive mandates.
Recruitment Assignments
Talent Reservoir
Project Based Requirements
Bid based long-term contracts for association

Associate Management Service (AMS) 

This service contributes to largest revenue to our Company due to the deployment nature of resources and management of their employment on behalf of other organizations. Our Company has designed this model with a combination of Manpower Outsourcing and HR Function Management as the key ingredients. In this service, the Company not only manages the Employment but also all the HR Related issues for the employees are tracked and supported for the employers. The following are the few of the services delivered, included or chosen for support in this service. Currently, our Company provides this service for various International Partners and also International Companies in India.

Employer of Records (Professional Employer Organization – PEO as its call elsewhere in the world)
Payroll Management (Full Blown service outside of AMS and has a scope as well for Growth)
HR & Administration

Training & Assessment Services

Our Company helps to assess the Training Needs of HRFM clients or need based support to organizations independently. This service focusses on fulfilling the Training needs of the organization by helping them to get the best talent to Train their resources. Our Company keeps a pool of trainers and delivers based on the need and competency required by our clients.”


Our Company has been working on this competency from the Design of our core service. As HRFM requires 5-10% of the strategic consulting solution and derived from the Consulting competency of our Senior Team members. For Mid and Large organizations, this service becomes very attractive as they would have their own HR Department who take care of the Day-to-Day operations. Our Consulting Services are more relevant for any organization at various phases as mentioned below but not limited to:

Organizational or/and Leadership Change
Growth / Decline / Stagnant Phases
Acquisition & Mergers
Change in the Business Environment & Priorities
International Changes

Our Company delivers the following services but not limited to –

HR Consulting Engagements: In this service, Husys would involve in building the strategic support where the organization needs. Husys helps the organization to focus on strategic support in the areas of Talent Engagement, Talent Management & Talent Development. These are project based needs and closed with specific time frames arising out of the business need. Husys shall deploy a competent Consultant who is signed up to work as Associates based on need. We identify and map the need and the competency of the consultant for deployment and delivery. We are tracking business currently:

Organizations who have a need for Change and reach us or we attempt to reach.
Bid based for Private / Governmental / Association / Projects


Husys is a part of CareerStar Group which represents 70 countries. Husys also the official licensee of Penna Plc. A UK based largest HR Company and the founding member of CSG. These mandates are assigned based on the Global mandates for large International organizations. The company has built our own internal processes framework for India based outplacement. This service is offered to the organization who are making workforce redundant for various reasons. The company steps in and helps the career transition of the affected employees for the organization. The fee is paid by the company to keep their employer brand intact. The following are some of the activities.

Target: Workforce, Employees, Middle & Senior Management, CXO and Sr. Director Level

Helps in building confidence & recover the shock, career strategy to Get to Next job, starting own business & Retirement. Key to success is Job search, CV preparation, Interview preparation, salary/offer negotiations and Planned Transition.

HR Advisory

This is a unique and long-term in many cases in which our senior consultants act as Advisor for the organization. This also has components of Transition and Interim Management options.


Human Resources usage of Technology has come a long way, but there is a great scope and usage yet in the organizations. With 100 million working population in SME’s and not many of them are the users of technology providing a scope for our Technology Focus. This provides the direct access to the people who have the disposable income predicted every month. Husys identified some of the key areas of development to ensure the following needs are covered for the business revenues.

Automate HR Function

A traditional HR Information System is deployed by helping all the day-to-day operations and data management for employees. The workflow of HR Function is also taken care by this model.

Husys Unique Solutions

Integrate Collaboration Tool 

A tool that helps our partners/franchisees to enable running HR Function Management and various other services of Husys. It also helps in managing the support group companies where there are many companies and in various industries and spread across the State / Country. This integrates Billing and Knowledge management tool for our partners. This tool also enables the Back-Office functions for Husys, partners & companies. Integrate and Enable HR E-Commerce: This reduces the strain that SME’s go through generally the Purchase Power due to the low volumes. Our product support would bring the collaboration and power of negotiation as the aggregator for HR Services universe.

Husys Consulting Limited was established in 2005 and founded by Mr. Gundlapally Ramalinga Reddy. The date of incorporation is August 24, 2005, CIN No. U74140TG2005PLC047222. Successful placed on Listing and admitted to dealings on SME Emerge ITP platform of the National Stock Exchange on August 21, 2015.

As of March 31, 2016, Husys Consulting Limited employed 142 professionals.

Husys Consulting Limited is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, and has a regional presence with 11 offices.

The mailing address of Husys Consulting Limited registered office is:
Husys House, 1-8-505/E/D/A, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016, Telangana, India.
Tel: +91-40-65195632

Husys Consulting Limited follows a financial year that begins on April 1 and ends on March 31.

YearsRevenue (INR)Before TaxAfter Tax

M/s. JBRK & Co. Chartered Accountants, 118, Maruthi Complex, 5th Floor, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500 082 Firm Regd. No. 005775S


Husys Consulting Limited made an initiated in July 2015 and its shares were listed in SME Emerge ITP platform of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India on August 21, 2015. The shares price is Rs.70/-, a premium of Rs.60/-. And de-listed on 9th June 2016 in SME Emerge ITP platform of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. And Company has listed in NSE Emerge the SME Exchange.

Husys Consulting Limited equity shares are listed in India on the NSE Emerge – SME Exchange of the National Stock Exchange (NSE: HUSYSLTD)

Husys Consulting Limited ISIN code is INE336T01010

As of March 31, 2017, Husys Consulting Limited had 22,81,250 shares outstanding.

Husys Consulting Limited has had one bonus issues till date, as listed below:




The annual dividend history at Husys Consulting Limited, declared 5% in the year 2016-17

Record date/payment date for the dividends if announced, will be displayed in the section of the Investor page on our website. And details are also notified to the NSE websites.

The quiet period at Husys Consulting Limited begins ten days before the end of every quarter and lasts until the day of that quarter’s earnings release. During this period, the company’s management refrains from communicating with market participants.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is typically held in end-June. The formal announcement will be published on the Investors page of our website, closer to the event. If you are a shareholder, you will receive a formal notice of the meeting, containing details of the date, time and venue, alongside the Annual Report.

Husys Consulting Limited shares can be purchased on the open market in India through either a stock broker or any financial institution that provides brokerage services at the NSE. Husys Consulting Limited does not offer a direct stock purchase plan.

No. The Company does not accept fixed deposits.

For physical holdings, please send a letter, duly signed by the first holder, stating the new address and folio numbers of the shares you own to our Share Registrar, M/s. Karvy Computershare Private Limited (mailing address in the Investor Contacts section). A computerized acknowledgment will be sent to your new address confirming the update of the change in our records. In the case of dematerialized holdings, please write to your Depository Participant (DP) intimating them of the change and ask for confirmation that their records reflect the new address.

Please write to our Share Registrar, M/s. Karvy Computershare Private Limited (mailing address in the Investor Contacts section) with details of folio numbers (in the case of physical holdings) or the DP ID and account number in the case of dematerialized holdings. After verification, they will issue a fresh check. To avoid this problem in the future, you can use the ECS facility in which the dividend amount is automatically credited to the bank account of your choice. To avail of this facility, give your request to M/s. Karvy Computershare Private Limited in writing. Also, you might consider dematerializing your holdings through a reliable Depository Participant. This would not only eliminate the issues of storage and risk of loss of paper certificates but also ensure automatic crediting of dividends to your bank account. Click on the links to the see the list of Depository Participants empaneled with each of the two depositories in India – NSDL and CDSL.

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KFin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Selenium Tower B, Plot 31 & 32,Financial District, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally Mandal,Hyderabad – 500 032, Telangana.

Ph: 1- 800-309-4001


CS Megha Chandak
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer,

Husys House, H.No. 1-8-505/E/D/A,
Prakash Nagar,
Hyderabad – 500016,
Telangana, India.


Francis Paul
Chief Financial Officer,

Husys House, H.No. 1-8-505/E/D/A,
Prakash Nagar,
Hyderabad – 500016,
Telangana, India.