Our Partners

Our Global Business Partners

Like-Minded people & Human synergies are the two aspects that we stick to, the elevation of business’s growth of ours & our partners comes handy. Adhering to a collaborative approach, we always work towards carving a niche in the present, as well as the future.

We believe in Human Synergies at work for helping the world to do better business in the next century. We strongly believe and advocate the collaboration among organizations to sustain a business edge in the future. Standing by our beliefs, We constantly work in making our undying spirit of a collaborative ecosystem and partner with people who are like-minded and build synergies for a better world.

EOR Service Providers
Career Star Group is a global transition and outplacement provider. It is spread over 770 offices in more than 70 countries across the globe with an excellent understanding of the local job market and acts accordingly to provide the best solutions.
Career Star Group provides strategic consulting support to the businesses in building business plans or considering entry into the Indian marketplace. Featuring customized consulting and coaching services, Nina E Woodard & Associates provide professional support for assessing needs and developing appropriate business plans for building Greenfield, Joint Venture, or Partnership relationships in India. The company can also support mergers or acquisitions in India. Based on years of successful business experience in the United States, India, and other overseas locations NEWA delivers practical business plans and solutions based on business requirements.

Employees Managed

From the commencement of our services, we have managed more than one lakh employees, which include clients and our in-house employees. We are experts in handling the employees of a company, irrespective of their size and location. We have also managed the employees on a cloud-based platform globally.


We have both local and global presence in handling any specialized HR services. We came up with an advanced level of HR platform with unique HR solutions both for the SMEs and Fortune listed 500 companies. We have over 1000 clients, spread across India as well as in some foreign countries. All of our clients are from different fields and we have provided them a unique HR services.

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