HR Department Automation

Automate your HR department to reduce cost & maximize efficiency. 

What is HR Department Automation? 

HR Department Automation helps in enabling the HR department to make strategic decisions by replacing the manual work within a very short span of time. With Automation, HRs will not be required to spend hours completing a single task like Payroll as it will be done within a few minutes.

HR Automation can boost productivity in an organization like never before and 10X the business growth as HR department’s main focus will remain on complex tasks.

How will our HR Department Automation help your business? 

With HUSYS’s application- APHUSYS, you can create, compile, and complete multiple tasks within just one click. Additionally, complete data will be present on cloud servers and you can retrieve it anytime and anywhere! 

HR Department Automation
HR Department Automation

How We Deliver?

  • Selection of modules- HR Essential (basic) & HR Sustain (advance) which covers different requirements
  • Gathering of data from clients required for managing employees life-cycle on cloud environment
  • Configuring the data into the state of art technology APHUSYS to keep it safe on cloud servers
  • Training the client to get their hands on our app & making it live for further usage

Benefits Clients Get

  • Reduces manual work & enables the HR to look into crucial matters including growth of the company
  • Helps in performing multiple task within just one click
  • Reduces the chances of error & complaints from employees in terms of wrong payslips, & more
  • Boosts productivity & positivity among employees

Why Husys?


Automation in HR system, brings accuracy to HR operations. It reduces the manpower required for handling the HR processes, saves the time of HR, increases the productivity, and reduces the overall cost. Most importantly, you can maintain the standard of the HR department and organization.


With HR Automation, you will get at most security for your organization’s confidential data. HR Automation is done in the highly secured cloud-based platform. Security is everyone’s concern, but it’s our business.

Improve Workflow Between Locations

Irrespective of locations, HR can maintain the complete data of an employee in a company database. He/She can access and modify the data that reduces the dependency of workflow between different locations.

State Of The Art Technology

With APHUSYS, we can completely control the HR functioning automatically and reduce the overall burden of the HR. It gives you the reminders and alerts to execute the operations.

Client Testimonial

We are using Husys services for about 2+ years now and every touchpoint with them has been super smooth, Every employee interactions on the ground have been great, as if we have our own HR System.

Fateh Ali - Collabu Technologies

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