7 Amazing Tricks For Employee Recognition

seven amazing tricks for employee recognization

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A company’s growth is not determined through the infrastructure it builds, but by the people it hires. Employees act as the fuel to an engine or food to the body, because without fuel or food, a body or a car doesn’t function!

Skilled employees bring conversion, augmented sales/profit to the company and manage to maintain an enthusiastic and zealous work space, which is beneficial to the company in the long run. 

Employees are the biggest and strongest asset to any company and hence, one wrong or lethargic employee can become a hindrance to the whole company or project. Also, the employees who remain in good books of their heads, tends to perform much better (and that is why employee recognition should be practiced).

Appreciating the efforts in a timely manner and doing a little things for employees, can in literal sense, boost their confidence and productivity.

Here are the best 7 economic tricks for having the best employee recognition within your firm:

  1. Notice The Good Work Via Awards

    According to some surveys, employees have expressed that their good work isn’t being recognized at their own company. This becomes one of the reasons as to why some of the employees look for change of job.

    Recognizing their good work and keeping a track of an employee’s daily work is utmost important because this makes an employee feel motivated. Many companies give the “Employee Of The Month” award to practice best employee recognition methods. The best employee is chosen with a voting procedure or after a review of his/her work.

    This practice not only motivates and boosts the confidence of that single employee, but helps other employees to work hard to achieve the award.
    Some companies allocate targets for employees. On completion of those targets, the employers offers incentives or bonuses.

  2. Conduct Employee Engagement Programs

    Any employee who works continuously for 8 hours can get tired of the monotonous procedure. Do not let the monotony affect your work reports.

    There are many companies which conduct employee engagement programs such as sports, movies, team outings, and more. Conducting a review meeting or indoor games, quiz inside the office space once every week, also help employees feel motivated.

  3. Appreciate Employees With Gifts

    Managers don’t only dive deep into the work of an employee but also take care of the office etiquette or attitude he/she holds. Suppose an employee is always punctual to the office, completes the work on time, resulting in higher sales or has been in the company for more than 2 years, then he/she can be recognized with a reward of gift vouchers.

    Giving a freebie will cost the company very little but can boost the morale and personal touch of an employee. He/she will feel more inclined towards the company and work harder to achieve its goals.

  4. Celebrate Their Day

    Birthday or marriage anniversary comes once in every year but is recognized as an important milestone for almost everyone. Celebrating the birthdays of your employees doesn’t mean throwing a big party but, just a gift card, cake, or any gift within a limited budget. Celebrating their special occasions promotes employee relations as well as adds a boost their morale.

  5. Gratitude Is The Key

    Paying gratitude to the employee for being an active employee, or for having stayed with the company since its inception or bringing in higher sales, can be one of the easiest and economical method of employee recognition.

    Humans are social animals and they love to be recognized, thanked and appreciated. Hence, thanking your employees for the work they’ve done to bring the company on a scale of growth, can be the best option.

    Mostly, the managers or employers call the employees to talk about their achievements and recognize them with the reward of a gift or congratulate them verbally.

  6. Offer And Assist Them In Professional Growth

    Many employers aid employees professional growth by offering them training courses, access to training accounts, paying course fees which can benefit both.

    Taking an interest in an employee’s personal career growth can be very helpful for both, the company and employee. It is only when the employee grows, that the company can benefit from his/her updated skills.

    There are certain firms which provide sabbatical leaves to their employees and welcome them back to the office after they complete an educational course or trip.

  7. Team Spirit

    “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan. A person can obviously move mountains but a team can share the effort and complete it within a very short span of time. Good managers often tell employees to see a project as a team and if the team wins or loses, it falls on every members’ side. For example- Dhoni is a great player but with his team, he does wonders. Team spirit holds a great importance in anyone’s professional life as working together and growing together boost the career of everyone.

    So, providing the team spirit to your employees can not only help them enhance & improvise their skills but aid them to take responsibility for a complete mass, indeed.

Bottom Line

Whatever practice the employer selects for employees recognition plan, there is one important aspect that is missed – “consistency.” Be consistent in these methods and keep appreciating your employees and you will be assured with, and experience, a transformational hike of the business graph!

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