7 Trends that reshapes Future of HR beyond COVID

Future of HR Service Post Covid and 2020

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The COVID 19 pandemic initiatives have had a deep impact and have led to social and organizational changes, HR professional service providers have the chance to get back to work by planning the future of work, structure of lessons, etc. It has caused many organizations to reconsider the implementation of HR functions in their work place. As the future of human resource discloses itself to be surrounded by remote work, the professionals need to respond enthusiastically and improve the strategies that they want to apply in order to grow further.

The Human Resource Department in any organization is the stepping stone, in leading and facilitating the employees. In this type of pandemic situations, HR plays a prominent role in handling the business requirements, and they are also responsible for managing concerns and apprehensions of their employees.

Here are few points that talk about the future of human resources beyond covid-19:

The On-boarding Process

The on-boarding practices for new employees’ need to be studied in order to align them to the organization’s mission, vision and goals. The entire journey of employees needs to be planned as the HR team gets ready for the new challenges that might come along with a virtual atmosphere i.e. changes in the policies and processes.

Artificial intelligence

As employers plan to cut costs after decrease in economy, AI driven technologies will be an ongoing trend for the predictable future. Organizations will be able to achieve with minimum efforts. Usually AI is being used by HR to help in building the human capital. Many organizations are moving towards AI systems to screen more applicants and move potential employees through the process which will save the HR team’s countless hours and some companies are using to guide employees that can tackle performance issues on individual basis.


The main outcome of COVID 19 is remote working and has become a new normal. As a HR professional he/she have to re think and try to evaluate the need of employees and the way the organization functions. The pandemic has done a major transformation in workplaces which has made them to use software’s like slack, zoom with other e learning platforms and programs. As we are entering a new era, new tools and norms are being set up in order to make work smooth.

Identifying Employees as People

Employees don’t want be recognised as anonymous people in the organization. They want to be appreciated as individuals that bring value to the company. As many organizations have started to provide more tailored benefits and online tolls in the workplace it has become important to give recognition to the employees. Employers are creating various benefits with choices like pet insurance and tuition compensations etc. While offering a wide range of choices with specific needs employees get a sense of recognition that they are being valued for their services.


Flexible Working

Before and after the pandemic there was a shift in the workplace environment. After working from home for months many employees may find it difficult and become less eager about getting back to the office environment and working for a nine to five shift. Several organizations might choose to be flexible but the general feeling is that employees are not required to work for eight hours every day. The procedures for having flexible working will depend on the organization as the main objective behind this is having flexible working hours as this might continue beyond COVID 19 and possibility of remote working might remain the need in the near future.

More Focus on Employee Mental Health

The anger and trauma of the current pandemic has created an impact on the mental health of the employees. As an HR you need to put more and more effort in bringing the concentration level back by focusing on mental health and general wellness of the employees. One of the most common way is to introduce wellness programs in the organizations via holistic benefits which help in grabbing the financial security and mental health. The future of HR is also likely to require a stronger position in supporting mental health and become clearer than ever which is in order to succeed at work, mental and physical health are the two most important aspects.


Working remotely

It means combining personal and professional life closer than that was previously necessary. Whether there are children or some other circumstances, understanding about employees’ personal life will become important. As managers understand what kind of challenges employees are dealing within their home, it’s easier to provide the support they need. However, this requires healthy working relationships that are built with sufficient trust for employees who feel comfortable sharing details of their personal lives. To develop these kinds of workplace relationships, HR will need to make an intensive effort to virtually build bonds between colleagues. These efforts must include a change in virtual team-building activities.

The Future

Post COVID-19 the future of human resources doesn’t look the way anyone thought it was going to, and that can be admittedly hard to accept. One of the few things that can be controlled in this situation is the way we respond to the situations and the future we choose to construct in the current situation. The above points justify what will be the future of HR. It is better to think about this as an opportunity to make your organization’s policy more supportive, flexible and human in nature more than before.

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