The Secret Of Chatbots – Helping the Employer and Employee in HR

Secret of chat bots in HR

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The dawn of chatbots in the market and their penetration into the vital sectors of business and industry has changed the course of how various functions are being undertaken and how major business sectors or segments have adapted to this blessing in disguise. At the moment, it is the HR industry which has become the most recent contender to embrace chatbots by introducing it into their functioning.

Why Chatbots?

This new era of chatbots has led to the fabrication of cohesive employer-employee relationships and is storming to revolutionize the HR industry. Chatbots significantly reduce the cost incurred to a business and are highly flexible. Besides this, they save significant amount of time and energy of both – the Employer and the Employee. Certain chatbots today are being recognized in the domain of even performing the recruitment function which has largely benefitted the employer and also those being recruited.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that are used by businesses in order to communicate with all those connected to the company and it responds to their questions according to a set of previously laid down algorithms and procedures. They enable organizations and more specifically the employees to bring out the best results within a stipulated time frame. Chatbots have enabled the HR department to undertake and perform those tasks that were earlier considered to be unwieldy. Certain tasks that were needed to be performed repetitively are now being done by chatbots which ismoulding the employer-employee relationship to a significant extent.

Let us take a look at how chatbots are shaping the way employees and employers work and how it is benefitting both of them:

Instant and time saving responses

Primarily speaking, chatbots ensure that employees get instant responses to a myriad of queries which they throw and these responses are furthermore appropriate and instant thereby saving valuable time. Responses are quick and this in turn gives an impetus to employee productivity. Chatbots have been customized in order to answer questions which cater best to the expectations of the employee.

Chatbots for ease of onboarding

Chatbots play a vital role at the time of onboarding of employee. This span of time is pivotal for employees as they would have a truckload of questions to which they would be seeking answers. Apart from the above criterion, employees would be expecting a lot of information with regard to their job role, their responsibilities etc which need to be conveyed to them in the most appropriate fashion. Chatbots have answers to all queries of employees related to the company policies and procedures, time sheets, payroll etc in a clear-cut manner thereby avoiding all sorts of confusions and also structuring the onboarding rather than seeing it go haywire.

 Reducing manual work

Chatbots have helped save time and energy in performing monotonous and tiring task which are the humdrum of a business day. They cut down on the time spent on all the tasks that need to be performed manually by an employee. Chatbots assist or themselves schedule meetings, collect feedbacks at the end of sessions, collect feedback at the end of performance appraisals etc.

Enhancing productivity and efficiency

Productivity and efficiency at the workplace will get a kickstart and the HR can concentrate and focus on things that have a higher or greater importance. The HR Department can formulate and discuss new strategies and improvise on the existing policies and procedures. Employees also would not have to wait for employer responses in a particular situation or scenario as responses are instant and apt which would boost employee work accuracy. Issues of employees would be solved within no time and at the same time would save valuable time of the employer.

Chatbots for easing the recruitment procedures

Chatbots are significantly helping employers recruit the right talent for their work. Chatbots help in handling early interactions with those applying for a job. With regard to the HR domain, a chatbot can collect information from the candidate and asks questions to screen them. It evaluates candidates as per the standard metrics. As a result of this, the candidates will have a smooth experience through the process of recruitment. A smooth and flexible process will directly help in building and strengthening the employer brand.

Such assistance should not be confused as a replacement for the HR and leaders. Chatbots are merely a compliment and not a substitute. They are of nodal importance especially in large organizations where a number of candidates need to be screened in a short span of time.

From the employer’s perspective, chatbots can be used as a wingman or auxiliary by helping the staff answer basic questions related to policies, procedures, benefits etc where the staff can instead focus on delivering great work and lay emphases on what the primary focus of the business is.

A conclusion to integrate: HR-Bots

Chatbots are to be used by organizations only if they help in the progress of work and not if they thwart it. At the end of the day, it is the people who are the most valuable asset to a company and chatbots only help in enhancing the work experience. Integrating chatbots and technology with people and not just solely depending upon chatbots is what will benefit the business. Chatbots and such technology need to be embraced for the betterment of work culture so that the employees and the employers can focus on new obstacles at work and work towards a better tomorrow as the future is already here.

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