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Employee feedback survey

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What’s Employee Feedback Survey?

Employee feedback survey is the key tool for an organization to understand the employee needs and issues within an organization and come up with the suitable solution that will be beneficial for both the employee and the organization. Employee Attitude & Behavior, Passion Factors, Burnout Tendencies, Loyalty, Work Culture and Competitive Intelligence are the significant factors for the Employee retention, Productivity, and satisfaction. For effective functioning of an organization, employee satisfaction is the primary reason for that. When the employee relieved from the other tensions they contribute their best to the development of an organization. Employee behavior has the direct impact on the customer behavior. If an employer shows the concern to the employee satisfaction and provide them the things which they really deserve, they feel happy and like to work for the company and for leaving an organization, an employer must not leave an option for an employee other than the personal reason. Creating regular surveys with prime focus is on employee satisfaction will help the organization better understand the employees. And can implement the work culture by organizing some fun activities, or training programs, parties, seminars, etc. To make employees relieved from the regular work tensions.

Why is Employee Feedback Survey important?

The main reason for employee feedback survey is to increase the employee retention rate and that can be made by satisfying the employees and making the employees to love their job. As employees spend their most of the time of their waking stage in the office. If they get the good work ambiance to enjoy while executing their work, employees, more than half work tension will get relieved as they feel happy and take an initiative to contribute from their end for the development of an organization. But how can you make sure that the employee is satisfied with their work?. You must not assume that they are satisfied, you have to do an employee feedback survey at regular intervals of time. So that you can create a happier workplace.

What can you measure with an Employee Survey?

Employee feedback will have the direct impact on the employee satisfaction and organizational growth. Employee surveys are valuable for learning about different topics which are concerned directly with the employee morale, involvement, and satisfaction with the company. To do an analysis of an employee, you need to do an in-depth investigation of areas like- Wellness programs, Health Benefits, Compensation, Career Development, Performance Management and work environment. These will provide you the complete report of an employee. How much they are satisfied with their job and work culture they work in an organization. The more you know about your employee the more you can satisfy them.

What questions must be included in employee feedback survey?

While preparing an employee feedback form, you must be careful that questions completely cover the employee personal and organization satisfaction questions in an easy format, so that employee feels easier to keep their views out.

Some of the questions discussed here:

  • How Challenging your job?
  • How much you fit into your role?
  • What are the things that make you feel stressed during work?
  • How well you satisfied with your pay for the effect you contribute to the organization?
  • What’s your opinion on work matters to your coworkers?
  • How much your skills are utilized in this job?
  • How much do you feel that this job is developing your skills?
  • How many opportunities within an organization, do you have to get promoted?
  • What will be your reason to leave your job?
  • How much contribution of yours do you feel in the development of an organization?

How to succeed in getting accurate feedback from an employee?

When you have prepared enough questions to ask, then you must get the appropriate and maximum responses from the employee, so that it will actually serve the purpose of conducting a feedback.

Some tips to make sure your employee survey is successful:

Clear with the Language:

The questions must be written in a clear manner without using complicated words that can’t be understood by the employees or they feel difficulty in understanding. All questions must be in a human-readable format to get proper feedback.

Avoid fiddle with the words:

Keep the same words between different surveys from time to time. This ensures the stability of your work culture all the time.

Use technology to your advantage:

Using any online tools or software will be easy to make employee participate in the feedback process without the need for paperwork to do. And also you can get results in a prompt and an accurate manner.

Maintain Employees Confidentiality:

An Employee generally feels scared to give right feedback. Because disclosing of their name in front of higher authority or the feel of losing a job. Employee wants the feedback they provided must be confidential to ensure honesty from an employee feedback. And also ensure their security.

Some of the other factors which employer needs to take care of in the employee feedback survey:

Preparedness: You must not conduct the employee survey just for conducting, it must be purposely conducted with an approval of the top management to work on the negative feedback and build the positive feedback. Action Oriented: The feedback coming from an employee must be taken strongly and implement the same for better organizational results. Communication: Constant feedback on the action results in a way to provide confidence for the coming years. Areas of Focus: Don’t focus on the specific dimensions of the organization. The feedback must be an integration of all the dimensions which are interrelated and can build synergy.

Various dimensions of the organizations:

  • Work Environment- Conductive work environment for work
  • Mission, Vision, Goals, Leadership and Organizational Direction
  • Employee Relations & Team based practices with - Subordinates, Peers, and Supervisors
  • Communication- Business, Top Management, and Individual level
  • Training- The overall organizational, Functional/ Technical & Behavioral and Process/Quality
  • Career Progression- Career Ladders, Reviews and Support system
  • Others as per the organizational needs

Create a survey Questionnaire:

Create simple questions which are related to the above-mentioned dimensions. Frame at least 4-5 questions from each dimension for conducting the in-depth level surveys. And make sure that the questionnaire is provided with the choices with weight. Also, build in the demographic details for the analytical purposes- Age, Sex, Tenure, Marital Status, Qualification, department, division, etc.,


If possible, provide the questionnaire in different languages for the better understanding of the employees.


Online- If you have a software or any of your staff have the knowledge to create the form online and share with the people then it’s very good to get the feedback. Offline- It requires the paper, pen and need to do a print of the questionnaire, orient the staff, Create neutral administrators at every employee location.

Feedback & Action-Plan:

Collect the information and create the feedback and suggestions. Discuss the feedback and suggestions in a meeting and try to implement the same. In case, of training or development of any program discuss with the departments to whom that is needed for. Discuss with all employees via email/notice/intranet. And ask for the same for suggestions for implementations. Create an organization-wide actions item list and share. Ensure that the decision of implementation is in the favor of all employees, and it will serve as an organizational initiative for the development of people and also an organization.
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