Employee Performance appraisal facts you need to know

Employee Performance Appraisal Facts

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Employee Performance appraisal is something that is heard about rarely in Small and Medium Enterprises because they don’t focus much on investing substance on evaluating the performance of the employees. While in the case of big companies, they desire to have a high level of employee retention and low turnover cost and as a posteriori they adopt different strategies that can help them in achieving these. Employee appraisal is a dire task that employees go through in their working process. It should be conducted on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis depending upon the nature of the work so that it becomes easier for the HR manager to meet the need of manpower talent in the organization. The company can frame a vivid picture of how productive their employees are, what the level of their performance is and what factors prevent them from succeeding. Based on the appraisal feedback the company can take the decision to organise the necessary training & development programs in order to hone the skills of the employees.

The real facts that you need to know about performance appraisals:

  • Employee engagement  goes down significantly when you don’t conduct performance appraisals on a regular basis.
  • Companies who conduct frequent appraisals will experience lower turnover costs.
  • Frequent manager feedback matters a lot to the employee in their performance contribution and also helps them do better on their job.
  • The employees do not undertake responsibility when they get little or no feedback.
  • Highly engaged employees will receive performance appraisals at least once a week.
  • 65% of employees want a regular feedback for their contribution to the organisation so that they feel motivated enough to contribute more from their end towards the overall development of the organisation.
  • Internal customer (Employees) satisfaction directly reflects on external customers. The employers having satisfied employees are the ones who have a high level of client satisfaction.
  • Employers who provide a high level of access to technology will get a good performance feedback from their employees.
  • Many employees complain that their appraisal feedback is not properly conducted/ evaluated.
  • Solicit feedback from employees who have worked closely with the employer.
In the process of Performance Appraisals, it is pivotal that there should be enhanced communication with the employees in order to understand their work and help them find the appropriate resources to execute their tasks and diagnose the reason which hinders their growth. Don’t create a performance appraisal process which creates a dire situation for the employee. Handle the entire process with coherent communication with the employees so that they don’t take anything in a negative way which affects the entire business operations. The conversation with employees must depict motivation to the employees and also the responsibility they need to undertake at any point in time. There can be a set of questions that can be put across to the employees in order to understand their perspective in the organisation as well as their individual roles –
  • What do you think are the most challenging tasks that you need to execute in this quarter?
  • What support do you need from the management side to achieve your goals successfully?
  • What are the hopes you have for your achievements at our company this year?
  • What do you expect from your manager and where do you feel your manager can do better?
  • How frequently do you want to receive feedback from managers on your performance?
  • What changes do you want to implement in the organisation so that you don’t feel that the company is being micromanaged?
  • How often do you need one to one meeting and discussion with the manager?
Performance appraisals play a mandatory role in the development of the individual and the organisation as a whole, but while executing the appraisals of employees, one needs to be careful and must communicate coherently so that it doesn’t create a negative impression in the minds of the  employees. Is it a problem for you to handle these things? Don’t worry! Get an expert advisor from our team to hold your hand and make a high performing management system with a guaranteed outcome. Reach us to know more about Employee Performance Appraisal.
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