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Generally, we hear the sentence 'employees are our customers' in business meetings, banners, and other similar places. What does really mean? We are not judging here how employers are. We are just focusing on the sentence to explore more about the meaning behind it. For any business development, it requires the collaboration and efforts of every department and individual to contribute it from their side. When will this going to achieve?
  • If you provide a better work environment to learn and explore the projects they have.
  • Providing exciting packages and better ambiance to work.
  • Maintaining the HR service standards.
  • Maintaining the statutory compliance and other legal acts in an organization.
  • Maintaining the healthy relationship with the employees, providing employees a full freedom to represent their thoughts, ideas, and issues in front of HR effectively.
If employees are satisfied with their job, then only they can concentrate on their assigned roles and responsibilities otherwise, they won’t put their full efforts to achieve their goals.

Who is responsible for maintaining this?

HR Manager is the only person who can handle this effectively. It’s the responsibility of the HR to have a clear idea about the organization policies, culture, and expectation. So that they can hire the employee and maintain the same in an organization by clearly defining the objectives and by taking a regular meeting with the employees to know about their concern related to work and management. The relation between the HR and the employee helps the organization to provide better employment service to the employees by providing good compensation/benefits and doing exit process effectively. Some of the benefits an organization experience, if HR works as an internal partner in managing organizations HR department.
  • Maintaining both friendly and professional relationship with the employees.
  • The Employee feels no hesitation in putting their concerns in front of HR, that will relieve the employers worry about their exit or change of job.
  • Improved interpersonal skills with employees.
  • HR is clear, with long-term objectives and that can help them to be clear with the employees by conducting a meeting or during their conversions.
  • Decreased employee conflicts and increased productivity.
  • Frequent interaction with employees increases the employee retention
Taking employee feedback and implementing the necessary actions based on organizational objectives. This makes the employee feel that they are important for the organization and they take it as their responsibilities for completing that work and contribute their best to the organization. They feel secure and clear with the future goals and go ahead to achieve their end. In other words, it opens the way of success to the organization. In this way you can easily justify the statement- “employees are our internal customers.” The employee satisfaction will reflect the customer’s behavior.
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