How to manage Payroll with Flexibility?

How to manage Payroll with Flexibility?

Payroll Management is the most crucial part that is to be handled by the HR department. It requires at most care and steady concentration to handle the flexible payroll process. A little deviation and silly mistakes in carrying out the payroll may lead to a significant impact on the company with respect to legal compliances as an aftermath of it. It is highly impossible to make the calculations manually, it does require a skilled professional with a good knowledge of state and federal laws. For both, SME’s and large organizations, a payroll management software that can carry out complete payroll with accuracy is required. It is difficult and time-consuming to spend a whole day in calculating payroll individually for every employee manually.

Many SME’s and large organizations have adopted the payroll software instead of developing an in-house software or hiring a skilled professional in handling the software.There are a few other organisations who have a software to handle the payroll but do not have the team to encounter the problems that arise during the course. Outsourcing payroll management is the best option to handle the payroll process efficiently with all the resources in place.

How can the payroll management services help you in attaining flexibility in the payroll management process?

Outsourcing payroll management will help you to get accurate payroll figures and stick on to the deadlines. They carry out the entire payroll process under highly professional payroll executives who are well versed with technology. While we lag behind because of no in-house payroll management team, here there is a team which maintains the security of not disclosing the salary structures of the individual with the other employees in the same organisation.

By outsourcing your payroll process, you can easily get the flexibility in your payroll management. You just need to define the salary structure of an individual, rules & regulations and policies & procedures you follow in compensating the employees. Whereas, here in this software, there is an option of customizing the payroll based on the organisational needs. Payroll management differs from organisation to organisation.

Our HRIS application, ApHusys was introduced by our professional HR team. It is a user-friendly tool and has excellent features to carry out the complete payroll process effectively. Here is the list of features that ApHusys can provide for flexible payroll management.

  • It can easily define the salary structure of employees like Basic, HRA, Traveling, Medical and Conveyance Allowance.
  • Based on the formula, it automatically calculates the PF, PT, ESI and other Taxes.
  • It can specify the list of your choice to whom you want to pay the salary first and to whom it is to be paid last based on your priority.
  • You can even control the credit of salary to an individual account based on your priority.
  • Management of loans, Advances, Encashment, Investment declaration, Income tax statements, FORM 16, TDS deductions, etc.,
  • Timesheet maintenance, Attendance, Payslip notification by SMS, etc.,

If you have any queries regarding your payroll management or our ApHusys services, you can contact us at We will be extremely glad to attend to your queries at your flexible time.

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