Outplacement Service in India FAQ’s: Part-3

Outplacement Service in India FAQ’s: Part-3

This is the continuation of the blog post series on outplacement services in India- FAQ’s. This is the final series which covers the complete questions & answer session with HRShapers.

35.Is employee out placed company, consider the out placed employee in a fair manner or they do any pitfalls in providing them their basic rights?

Ans: No, the outplaced employee will get all the benefits from the organization, where they get placed without any effect on their compensation/ basic rights. The aim of outplacement is to make employee regain their confidence and get the best position in the future.

36.Are there any countries, which creates laws around outplacement, so that employees are secured and doesn’t impact on  the economy of the country?

Ans: Yes, France is the only company where they have the formal law on outplacement. In the US, outplacement is best practice and considered it as the part of the HR role.

France: The type of system followed in France is adequately complex when compared with other countries. They have outplacement requirements depending on the type of layoffs like “ individual” or “ Economic” that an employee experiences.

Economic mass layoff, that could be the result of restructuring or downsizing and unrelated performance, need of outplacement every comes under specific legal terms, and the company is obligated to repositioned affected employees internally or externally. In the case of employee “fault layoff”, outplacement is not considered as mandatory service, it may get negotiated or covered under organization policies and accepted practices.

37.What should be include in a typical outplacement service?

Ans: One to one coaching, emotional support (usually helping spouse to come to terms- it’s normally practiced in India), Skill development programs (LinkedIn, Communication, how to start a business etc.,), job search strategies, how to take psychometric profiling’s, CV & Interview Techniques, Negotiations, Managing social profile, Onboarding advise.

The type of service again depends on the in which stage the laid off employee come under- on job, self-employment or retirement choices.

38.How can HR make use of outplacement as a tool to benefit both the employee and the organization in their tough times?

Ans: Outplacement is the specialized type of service, which is very rare confronts to HR in their job role. Outplacement has arisen with a new hope to the laid off employees and also for the organization to build their brand image in the market. This service helps employees to feel secure even at tough times of an organization. HR is purely responsible for taking this into action.

39.Why don’t HR accept to give outplacement to another agency for getting better organizational results?

Ans: Usually, HR thinks that if they give their HR work to another agency, still they have internal HR staff, which shows their incapability to handle the outplacement service. This thought still exists in our country, which hinders the success of organizations.

Outplacement is the rare service which confronts to HR. Taking outplacement service from the experts will help to get benefited more than indulging your existing staff members to work on outplacement. As outplacement service has so many tasks to do, which may be new to the HR professional management. Generally, Management includes outplacement service in a severance package to employees.

40.Are there any companies in India, which adopted outplacement in their process and policy and how entrepreneurs considering it?

Ans: Outplacement is widely adopted in international organizations. Some practices are carried out in India. While the steps adopted by the international teams can be a one way to handle. However, where the information is in the media, but internally it is not communicated yet. There must be a planned communication, which must go as quickly as possible with the required steps that are taken by the organization and a detailed plan that would help the employees. Usually, from the high authorities need to help in this case.

41.How HR considers outplacement in India?

Ans: As outplacement is the rare case, HR comes in their career as an HR. Many experienced HR also don’t have exposure to it in their real time profession. But they are aware of the entire structure of the effective outplacement for building the organization’s brand and securing the employee. We are on the same track to move ahead in providing and implementing outplacement services in Indian organizations.

42.Is HR professionals is all about a mindset shift than a process?

Ans: First, it’s a mindset and then building a fine process for effective support for the organization.

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