How To Leverage The Power Of Technology To Build Employee Engagement at workplace

employment engagement at workplace

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A survey conducted by Dale Carnegie revealed that engaged employees outperform their non-engaged counterparts by 202%. This results in higher sales conversions, increased productivity, and lesser absenteeism for organizations.

Technological applications used effectively within the workplace can be a huge game-changer in creating an engaged workforce. Tools that enhance virtual collaboration, social networking, and self-service portals offer limitless opportunities to create a happier employee base.

In the current digitalized business arena, adopting innovative technology to stay connected with employees is not an option but a necessity. Any organization with disengaged employees will experience an increase in negative customer experiences and reduced employee productivity. If you are looking to harness the power of technology to keep employees productive and perform to their full potential, implement these five hacks to boost engagement:

Use Collaboration Tools To Boost Internal Communication

One of the most important ways to improve engagement at the workplace is to boost internal team communication through tech-driven platforms. A recent survey revealed that ideas developed by groups of three or more people appeal to customers, hence a higher chance of success.

Internal collaboration often becomes a challenge with remote employees working from different geographic locations. This is why organizations should invest in tech platforms such as Slack, Google Drive, Snapchat, and Dropbox to help employees communicate and keep in touch throughout the day. These tools can help team members share documents, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on important projects, just through the click of a button!

Another major advantage of collaboration platforms is that employees can interact smoothly on whatever device they use for work – laptops, mobile phones, or personal computers. The only thing that organizations need to ensure is that the collaboration tools used by employees adhere to compliance norms and implement stringent security protocols to protect sensitive information.

Gamification Techniques Can Make The Environment Fun

Employees often get bored with repetitive office routines and task flows. A simple solution is gamification – it’s a great way to make activities such as onboarding, training, and performance assessment interesting and interactive!

The human resources department has a huge role to play in introducing gamification. They can kickstart virtual games to track the performance of employees and develop scoreboards to inculcate a healthy spirit of competition. This will go a long way in motivating employees and also boost participation in e-learning organizational activities.

Rewards are another aspect that can enrich your gamification activities. Most companies integrate a reward system in the games to make them more exciting and encourage organization-wide participation. Many employee recognition tools use gamification techniques to encourage employees to use them actively. Employees can earn badges, public appreciation, and post virtual high-fives to facilitate higher engagement and team bonding through these recognition platforms.

HR leaders need to assess the corporate goals to develop a long-term gamification framework that works harmoniously and boosts engagement to the next level!

Promote Social Interaction In The Workplace

Technology can be a key driver to promote social interaction at the workplace. It is important to allow your employees to communicate freely through Intranets and other social media platforms. This allows them to express their thoughts and post thoughts and ideas about upcoming company events, initiatives, or launches.

Having an engaged and active employee base on social media is also great for your brand image. Employees can promote their organization by posting positive feedback, sharing real-life office experiences, and human resource initiatives to boost brand awareness. This portrays your company as a valued employer that cares about employee satisfaction and morale, thus attracting global talent.

So companies need to leverage social media networks and platforms to build a solid online presence – remember your employees are the best brand ambassadors that can help you create a credible reputation instantly!

Invest In Online Learning and Development

Training and development will never fail to generate a positive impact in organizations and elevate engagement. Mobile learning is the new future of training and development – it provides employees access to training modules and syllabus to complete courses at their own pace.

Most organizations are currently following a blended learning approach to provide flexibility to employees. Hence, companies can choose to mix in-person training sessions with virtual classrooms and e-learning tools. This enables employees to take advantage of different learning styles to improve performance exponentially!

Undoubtedly, mobile learning is the way ahead for organizations. Your workers can complete learning and development activities at any time, place, and speed – a win-win situation for both employees and the organization!

Implement Automated Performance Management Tools

It is important to provide timely feedback to employees and hone their skills for optimum performance. Implementing automated performance management tools is a great way to review employee performance and provide real-time feedback to increase motivation levels.

An online performance management system is an investment. It can help in consolidating employee information, goal setting, and performance appraisals. The best part about automated performance management tools is that it makes the system transparent and enhances visibility in appraisal processes. This goes a long way in keeping your employee base engaged and improving operational efficiency.

Wrapping Up

An engaged workforce is a key to business success!

However, engagement does not come easy. In a fast-changing business environment, it is challenging for companies to keep their human capital motivated and retain top talent. The right tools and technologies can help in keeping your employees engaged, whether they are at an office meeting or working from the comfort of home.

Employee engagement goes beyond financial incentives and on-the-job perks. The modern workplace needs to implement a tech-driven holistic approach that focuses on employee well-being and development.

Technology can help your organization retain talent and provide a better employee experience to skyrocket engagement levels! So keep up with the latest market trends to make your workplace exciting and maintain a happy workforce to witness a host of positive long-term results and give a try on Cloud HR Platform and automate your HR Department

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