Show that you care about your Employees even after they Stop Working for you.

Outplacement Service in India FAQ’s: Part-3

Outplacement is a service which helps your employees to get a new job with assistance from us from drafting a resume to landing that new job.

The main objective behind outplacement is to maintain a healthy relationship with employees and reduce unemployment in the market. It helps the organization to get its employee satisfaction and increase the productivity of its current employees.

The process of a company assisting recently terminated employees with searching for other employment opportunities. Some of these companies work with particular outplacement agencies that locate new jobs for the laid-off employees.

When we speak about outplacement in organization point of view, it gives the assists companies in improving post-employment relations, which can reduce the possibility of litigation, the disclosure of proprietary information and adverse publicity.

It Saves money by reducing lawsuits from employees who have lost their jobs, In addition, using these services helps alleviate negative feelings and the potential for theft or violence; and it improves the morale of the remaining staff. It Maintain employee morale and productivity by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being and Bolster customer confidence by exhibiting organizational stability

We are proud to say that Husys is the first organization in India providing outplacement services to employees who are willing to work in India from abroad. We are happy to say that we maintain employee morale and productivity by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being. The main objective of Husys is to strengthen the overall reputation by demonstrating organizational integrity.


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