Startups!! Know what actually matters

Startups!! Know what actually matters

If you have a choice, what will you choose in order to take your business to a higher amplitude?

Building Products, Acquiring Customers for Sales and Revenue by Execution  OR
Hiring, Employee Medical, Employee Benefits, Taxes, Statutory Compliance.

Business at one end and managing people at the other end are equally important for bringing about the right equilibrium. This has always been a major challenge for Startup Business Owners. What is of paramount interest is that you need to primarily focus on what you are good at and what you should be doing.

One of the most important aspects of a Startup is to focus on the purpose of your business and focusing on the most important aspects need extreme cynosure on things that matter most to your business.

  • What matters is to hire the best, not focusing much on the entire hiring process thereby giving birth to further delays.
  • What matters is to offer the best, irrespective of the structure or anatomy of what is being offered.
  • What matters is to provide the best benefits instead of looking for benefits and wasting time on the contrary.
  • What matters is to adhere to all the policies and enhance productivity. It is not advisable to start without such guidelines in situ.
  • What matters is to provide the best medical insurance instead of wasting time in negotiating with various providers.
  • What matters is to be compliant with the statutes and not trying to register and submit returns in which you lack the required skill and knowledge.
  • What matters is to simplify, and at the same time enhance employee support rather than gather people around it to complicate it further.

What matters is to take the HUMAN part of the business with you. Neither building people for managing people nor playing the administrative role.


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GR Reddy
An enthusiastic entrepreneur and founder of Husys Consulting Limited with vast experiences explored in HR Function Management for the organizational benefit in the industry like Manufacturing, Services, Hotel, Logistics, Aviation, IT, ITES etc., have the expertise of Linking Business & Organisational HR systems. Well, expertise in Building & Managing Offshore Business for many MNC's across the Globe. My Interest in Teaching includes being a Guest Faculty for many Management institutes including IIM-Ahmedabad.

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