Technology Support for SME HR Operations

Technology Support for SME HR Operations

With the development of technology, many software tools come into the market that eased and reduces the administration effects and increased efficiency. Software’s has significantly freed HR’s and helped in implementing the overall process of HR operations. This is easily accessed by the HR department of large organizations by buying the license of software’s or implementing specifically through in-house software developers. But, this becomes somewhat costly for the SME’s to buy the software.

Cloud & SaaS technology and the introduction of business apps have paid the way for the SME’s to easily access the smart technology products. These come as a technology support for the SME’s to leverage the benefits of new technologies on pay per use basis and reduces the number of pain points for SME’s. Using tools SMEs can make use of their time in other business development activities. Also, these tools will help to make more informed decisions.

We came with some HR issues and how to handle them with the technology:

Absence Management:

It’s an Administration task, every day, you need to take care of the login & log out details, attendance and leaves management. You may get difficulty or some mistake in maintaining these manually. With the help of software’s, we can easily and accurately maintain the absence management of the employees. People with 10 members can manage these manually, but more than that, it’s a daunting task to maintain.

Software to use:

We have introduced a new software named Aphusys which develops from the experience of our experienced HR professionals by keeping in mind the complete functions required for the absence management with additional features to maintain the leaves, payslips, attendance, and others. Which reduces both the HR and administration work. This will be beneficial for both the SME’s and large organizations.

Workforce Planning:

The workforce planning and performance management of the employee for large organizations and SME’s or who has employees more than 10 members can’t handle without the software system in place. They need a software to manage the recruitment process from the time of advertisement of vacant positions till the employee joins in an organization.

Software for Use:

Our Aphusys app has all the functions required for maintaining and documenting the recruitment process from start to end. This data will help you to use for next recruitment process without the need to start from scratch for the same position.

HR administration:

HR needs to maintain the complete documents of the employee in a secured manner without access to any other third employee. It will not be easy for the HR to maintain documents of the high volume of employee documents in a hard copy. There may be chances of lost or mix with other employees.

Software to use:

In our Aphusys app, we also have a facility to maintain the soft copy of every document of an employee with a separate section to maintain complete personal, educational and professional documents. You just need to enter the information at the start and it will be there in the app without any hassle to recover the data of an employee at the time of exit or retirement.

Performance Management and Appraisals:

Performance management is a daunting task for an HR if they don’t have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. It’s the top management responsibility to clear the vision of their business, based on the individual performance can be calculated.

Taking these as benchmarks HR can easily do the performance management. For compensation and appraisals, it will provide you with an idea, to fairly compensate and provide appraisals to the employee. In case, of any improvements, you can take an action for the advancement of skills or change the technology, which is in use.

Software for Use:

ApHusys have a separate section for employee assessment to get the clear idea about the performance of an employee where HR can maintain the performance benchmarks of an employee and maintain the complete information expected vs reality with access to the manager to get feedback of an employee.

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