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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a silent workplace revolution. It has made remote work the ‘new normal’ – this the prime reason organizations worldwide have transitioned to flexible work arrangements. In fact, 88% of organizations globally have made it mandatory or encouraged remote work after the pandemic. 

With the adoption of remote work models, firms have started hiring globally instead of locally. This opens the door to a broader pool of talent and provides cheaper labor to maximize bottom-line revenues. Organizations can tap the potential of remote workers by outsourcing talent acquisition to global talent management companies like Husys. They can quickly scale up business operations and benefit from diverse workplace perspectives brought in by foreign employees.

Based on industry reports, cross-border GIG workers worldwide increased by about 34% YOY during 2020, with standalone India seeing a jump of 24%.

There’s no doubt that cross-border remote work brings a host of benefits for both employees and the organization. Seems like a win-win situation? Well, it’s not all rosy. Managing remote work is a major challenge for modern organizations—time to think and react. Executing the remote work strategy can be imagined as changing the tires of Formula 1 racing cars. Simultaneously, the latter has some proven techniques, but the former must be developed from scratch with zero certainties.

Employers have to navigate uncertainty and redesign the HR frameworks to accommodate remote workers in different functional domains. Let’s have a look at some of the best practices for managing remote teams effectively:

managing cross border remote work


Try these following steps and modify them accordingly to your company situation. Keeping customers and employees at the core, detail the process flow of how remote distributed workplaces/homes can deliver what business needs. The complexities go beyond security, safety, timeliness, and most importantly, the trauma of things happening around.

Get Consultants Onboard To Chalk Out A Remote Work Strategy

Getting expert advice never hurts! Hire professional consultants to assess your remote work model and check the sustainability in the current business ecosystem. Get expert opinion to chalk out your staffing budget and mitigate the risk of hiring remote work resources.

HR consultants can help your organization streamline remote work policies and manage recruitment, performance management, contracts, and onboarding effectively. You get the best advice to evaluate employer obligations under local labor laws to ensure you remain on the right side of the law and fulfill mandatory requirements in setting up remote teams.

Communicate To Maintain Productivity

Remote work is all about robust collaboration and communication! As an organization, you need to revamp your business framework to make it more flexible and inclusive. Adopt the latest tools and technologies to ensure remote teams can communicate in real-time, brainstorm effectively, and collaborate on business projects. Have set policies such as stand-up meetings, feedback forums, and mutual goal-setting sessions to ensure on-job productivity

Set key performance indicators for remote team members to set expectations and help them stay on track. Avoid micro-management and hold regular team-building activities to keep spirits high! Work on creating a remote work-driven culture that thrives on respect, trust and empowers employees to take ownership of their work to increase bottom-line results.

Customized Compensation Plans

As a seismic shift is taking place worldwide with the rapid adoption of remote work, many companies are grappling with compensation issues. How do you develop parity in pay when you have a team of outsourced employees from various nations?

It is important to design and restructure compensation plans, link them to productivity, and communicate the new compensation framework. Make sure to set remote workers’ salaries based on the cost of living of the geographical location and in line with the national average. A well-devised compensation strategy will enable you to manage pay equity for remote employees across different regions and attract the best talent in the market.

Importance of Salary Benchmarking for both Employer and Employee

Leverage Specialized PEO Service Partners

The world and workforce are now beyond one Zip/pin code, the pandemic made workplaces scattered, and the employees are locked in their respective countries. It is an administrative hassle to manage the work and pay the employees who are distributed. While the pandemic here will stay for a longer time than predicted, one great technique to manage remote cross-border talent is to partner with in-country PEO ( Professional Employer Organization) service providers. Also known as Employer of Records ( EOR), they act as an employer for your remote teams, while you still own the employees and the work, legally and without hassles of a permanent establishment, etc.


The PEO assumes full responsibility to provide HR support and manages payroll, compliance, and compensation functions. This means that your organization can focus on critical strategic goals to maximize the performance of remote teams without worrying about compliance, taxation. PEO service providers empower organizations by reducing remote-hiring risks and help them source the right profiles by penetrating global market segments.

Access & Hire Talent Globally

Another dimension of remote working is to hire talent from any country and bring in the best talent at cheaper costs and help you to manage your business continuity posture(BCP). Here too, local PEO/EOR providers like Husys* can greatly help you to hire talent locally and employ them as EOR/PEO teams.

Recent research conducted by Gartner has revealed that 41% of employees are expected to work some part remotely in the post-coronavirus pandemic period. You need to invest time and money to develop a remote work architecture that is resilient across industries, geographies, and organization sizes.

The remote work trend is real and here to stay. With more and more companies jumping on board and transitioning to flexible job arrangements, make sure to craft the perfect remote work strategy right now! It can significantly improve worker morale, streamline workflows, and increase revenues in the long run.

Husys currently helps 500+ companies globally in helping them in their talent search, local employment, Payroll, and compliance management for remote teams in India.

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