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 India is now among the top 10 countries for doing business, making it one of the prominent choices for global companies to expand to. This can be attributed to the fact that 5051 companies registered their business in India in FY 2022.   

However, expanding your operations to any country is not as easy, let alone India. There are several rules and regulations that you must adhere to, including labor laws and employee taxation. But thanks to PEO companies, expansion has become more effortless than ever.   

A professional employer organization (PEO) frees companies expanding internationally from employee-related tasks, such as payroll, benefits administration, and managing taxes. This allows you to focus on growing your business rather than navigating complex labor laws and regulations.   

But again, choosing the right global PEO company is itself a task. To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the top PEO companies in India. Let’s look at them. 

10 Top PEO Companies in India in 2023

The top PEO companies in India include Husys, PayChex, NH Global Partners, and more. Let’s understand what makes these companies the best in detail.

Whether you need a PEO in the USA, UK, or India, Husys has a solution. It is a leading global PEO company providing comprehensive and customized HR services. As you venture into new territories like India, Husys becomes your trusted partner, seamlessly handling critical HR functions to lighten your administrative load. 

From managing payroll and benefits administration to ensuring strict compliance and efficient employee handling, Husys manages the entire employee lifecycle. Bid farewell to the hassles of hiring, onboarding, and even terminations as their team of experts ensures a seamless and streamlined process. 

But the support doesn’t stop there. Husys goes above and beyond to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need assistance with office space or help with expat visas and regulatory complexities, they have you covered. This puts it first on our top PEO companies in India’s list! 

Why Choose Husys?

  • Over two decades of experience in the PEO and EOR industry
  • Expert handling of critical HR functions, freeing up the administrative burden 
  • Offers Fortune 500 benefits at pocket-friendly prices 
  • Offers Fortune 500 benefits at pocket-friendly prices 
  • State-of-the-art technology (APHUSYS) for accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings 


Paychex has a solution whether you’re looking for a PEO in the UK or India. Paychex is an international PEO company that caters to businesses of all sizes. Paychex offers comprehensive HR solutions to businesses, helping them streamline their operations and focus on their core competencies.  

With their extensive knowledge of the Indian market and employment regulations, Paychex PEO provides tailored services encompassing payroll administration, employee benefits, HR compliance, and risk management. By partnering with Paychex PEO, businesses can experience increased efficiency, reduced administrative burden, and improved compliance, allowing them to thrive in a competitive market. 

Why Choose Paychex?

  • Comprehensive payroll services tailored to meet your business’s unique needs
  • Advanced HR solutions to streamline employee management and compliance 
  • User-friendly technology that simplifies payroll and HR processes for seamless operations 
  • Dedicated support from experienced professionals for personalized assistance and guidance 
  • Proven track record of trusted payroll and HR solutions for businesses of all sizes  


Horizons is one of the top PEO companies in India, providing end-to-end HR solutions to businesses. With a strong presence in the Indian market, Horizons specializes in helping companies navigate employment regulations and streamline operations.  

Horizons’ presence in over 180 countries makes it a leading international PEO company. This means you won’t have to look for a new partner when expanding to other countries, saving you time and money. 

Why Choose Horizons?

  • Cutting-edge technology solutions for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency
  • Experienced team of professionals providing personalized guidance and support for your business 
  • Flexible and scalable services to adapt to your evolving needs and growth 
  • Industry-leading expertise in delivering innovative solutions for businesses across various sectors 
  • Proven track record of customer satisfaction and success in achieving business goals  
Expand Your Business Without Settingup Any Entity in 150+ Locations

MM Enterprises

MM Enterprises is a reputable global PEO company that assists businesses with their seamless entry into the Indian market. Their comprehensive services encompass everything from hiring Indian talent to ensuring compliance with local labor laws. 

MM Enterprises takes pride in providing tailored solutions to companies expanding to India, simplifying the process and making it more cost-effective. With their expertise and support, businesses can navigate the complexities of the Indian market with confidence and successfully establish their presence. 

Why Choose MM Enterprises?

  • An extensive network of top-tier talent for quick and efficient recruitment solutions
  • Customized staffing services to match your specific requirements and industry demands 
  • Expertise in navigating complex hiring processes and ensuring compliance with regulations 
  • Demonstrated success in placing candidates in diverse industries with high client satisfaction 
  • A dedicated team of professionals providing personalized support throughout the employment lifecycle  

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is a leading international PEO company that helps hire and manage employees from across the globe. Its cloud-based SaaS platform offers end-to-end solutions for global workforce management.   

What makes it unique from other top PEO companies in India is that its platform consolidates data from different sources and provides a single source of information. For example, if you have entities in India and Australia, your managers can upload payroll reports from both countries (in different formats and styles). The system will combine the siloed data into a single source, making decision-making easier for the C-suite.

Why Choose Papaya Global?

  • Global PEO services for seamless expansion into new international markets
  • Simplified HR and payroll management with advanced technology and automation 
  • Compliance expertise to navigate complex global employment regulations and requirements 
  • An extensive network of in-country experts providing localized support and guidance 
  • Proven experience in supporting businesses of all sizes in achieving their global expansion goals  


InsourceIndia is a leading PEO provider in India that offers end-to-end support throughout the entire employee lifecycle. They assist businesses with various aspects, including onboarding, development, payroll, benefits, and tax management.   

Additionally, InsourceIndia provides access to an HRIS platform, enabling businesses to manage and track employee activities effectively. Their dedicated social benefits and administration team ensures compliance with Indian laws, guaranteeing that employees receive essential benefits. 

Why Choose InsourceIndia?

  • Comprehensive solutions for efficient and cost-effective outsourcing of business operations
  • Extensive experience in navigating global employment regulations and ensuring compliance 
  • Customized staffing services tailored to your specific requirements and industry demands 
  • Proactive communication and collaboration to ensure a smooth outsourcing process and desired outcomes 
  • A trusted partner committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering long-term client relationships  


TriNet is one of the top PEO companies in India, offering complete HR solutions for small and medium businesses. It guarantees quality health coverage to your employees without burning a hole in your pocket. It provides phone and online support to answer all your benefits and payroll questions.  

It has an HR software system you and your employees can use to manage time off, update data, and other details from desktop or mobile devices. TriNet also guides you on best practices for navigating complex employee-related regulations in India.

Why Choose TriNet?

  • Streamlined payroll management and HR administration for increased efficiency
  • Access to a robust suite of HR technology tools for seamless operations 
  • Expert guidance and support from a dedicated team of HR professionals 
  • Scalable HR solutions that adapt and grow with your evolving business needs 
  • Diverse employee benefits and resources to support workforce well-being  
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Comparatively new, Multiplier has quickly become one of the top PEO companies in India, with 150+ entity networks globally. It understands the complexities of the Indian employment industry and can help you get started almost instantly.  

When you partner with Multiplier, you can eliminate the need to work with third-party country-specific vendors. It lets you select and manage benefits for your global teams from one place, including documentation.

Why Choose Multiplier?

  • Innovative workforce intelligence platform for data-driven decision-making and performance optimization
  • Seamless integration with existing HR systems for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity 
  • Actionable insights and analytics to drive strategic workforce planning and growth 
  • A dedicated customer support team committed to providing exceptional assistance and guidance 
  • Proven ability to drive measurable results and unlock the full potential of your workforce  

Global PEO Services

Global PEO Services offers tailored PEO solutions to companies seeking to hire employees in India without establishing a legal entity. By capitalizing on GPS’ extensive expertise and well-established subsidiary, companies can efficiently onboard employees and initiate operations within a remarkably short timeframe, resulting in substantial time and resource savings.  

Moreover, you can access local talent seamlessly, benefit from streamlined employee management processes, and attain unparalleled responsiveness to dynamic market demands. All while effectively mitigating legal and administrative complexities often accompanying international expansion endeavors. 

Why Choose Global PEO Services?

  • Simplified global expansion with comprehensive PEO services tailored to your business needs
  • In-depth knowledge of international employment regulations and compliance requirements 
  • Access to a global network of experts providing localized support and guidance 
  • Streamlined HR and payroll management through advanced technology and automation 
  • Proven experience in successfully supporting businesses in their global expansion endeavors  


With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the local market, Remunance PEO specializes in providing comprehensive end-to-end HR services that seamlessly manage employee-related processes while ensuring strict compliance with Indian labor laws. 

One of Remunance PEO’s key differentiators is its payroll administration expertise. Their dedicated team of professionals offers highly efficient and accurate payroll processing, encompassing salary disbursement, meticulous tax deductions, and adherence to statutory regulations. 

Why Choose Remunance?

  • Customized PEO services to meet your specific business requirements
  • Access to a wide-reaching network of in-country experts providing localized support 
  • Utilization of cutting-edge tools and automation for efficient HR and payroll management 
  • Profound understanding of international employment regulations to ensure adherence 
  • Demonstrated commitment to client success, offering personalized support and guidance  


An international PEO company makes expanding to different countries easier and ensures compliance with local laws. However, when choosing the top PEO company in India, consider if they have experience in your industry. This will make it easier for you to work with them, and they can also provide personalized services. 

Ready to expand your business to India and beyond? Let’s connect to understand what makes Husys the top PEO company in India! 

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