Top 5 trends that can help reshape HR post COVID

Top 5 HR Trends That Can Reshape Post COVID

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The pandemic, bought a lot of opportunities in the field of HR . It is these changes that will have a powerful impact on the future of this industry. In a post COVID world it will become a necessity for an organization and its HR department to understand and try to implement  these new trends in accordance with their organization’s goals, values , culture operations etc.  Here are top 5 trends that will help you in reshaping HR post COVID and to survive :

Change In Workplace And Work From Home

Work from home is likely to become the new normal post pandemic as the latest technologies will help redefine workplace. The Future workplace will have a shared sense of purpose, a collaborative culture and the creation of a system that has a focus for increased business value. Organizations will now have to consider encouraging  and offering  opportunities to workers based on their potential and skill set. Organizations should start to shift their focus on these work operations. HR specialists now have the responsibility to create a powerful team of talented people and give them an opportunity to collaborate and work together irrespective of their geographical locations. Remote working gives employees an increase in flexibility in terms of working hours , and helps to create an autonomy for the employees. From the perspective of the employer companies should consider remote work as an important aspect for hiring people and using their talents to the fullest. Remote work creates a balance between work and life.

Contingent Worker Expansion

The uncertainty of the economy due to the pandemic has lead to  many employees losing their jobs. Many companies have considered to reduce their budgets. The organizations continue to expand their usage of workers in terms of work and will do so even post COVID. They also need consider introducing different and new job models, for better performance of the company. HR leaders will now be expected  to evaluate the performance management system and determine its eligibility. A contingent workforce shifts  focus towards the experience of  employees and will lead to the creation of transparency and agility in the internal processes of the organization.

HR Audit

Audit is  a comprehensive method that is used to review different HR policies, procedures , documentation etc. It helps in identifying the requirements for improving and enhancing the HR function. It also helps in assessing the changes in the rules and the regulations in the company. The main purpose of HR audit is to recognize the strengths and identify the need for improvement. HR audit helps in maintaining the company’s image and reputation. HR Audit ensures that there is an effective utilization of all the resources and establishes a baseline for the future. It performs a review for all the shareholders or potential owners. An audit  helps  in motivating employees for better performance and boosts their morale and facilitates the development of different HR plans for future based on the current performance. In a business world post COVID , it will become a trend that will play a very important role for a company to flourish.

HR Audit Tool For HR Effectiveness

Employee Upskilling

Every employee wants to be appreciated on an individual basis. One way employers show the appreciation of employees is through up skilling. It will help the employee feel valued and will  be able to fill the knowledge gaps within the company. Employee up skilling helps in boosting motivation in employees. It will help employees deal with the problems that they are facing in adjusting with work from home and lack of  human interaction. Up skilling reduces thoughts about future uncertainties. It creates a level of satisfaction towards customers because if employees are upskilled and happy they can make their customers happy.

Automation Of Your HR/Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the organizations. Companies need to start investing in AI, machine learning and data analytics training programs for their staff. AI will empower companies to achieve more than before. Employers can use these AI systems for screening candidates and  in the process of hiring. It can be used in monitoring employees so that the company can address to their issues individually. AI is getting acceptance all over the world as it has a potential to transform the business world. It helps in organizing, planning and coordinating of all the training programs which are there for the improvement of employee’s job performance. AI can help in analyzing and predicting the needs of the employees as it understands individual preferences and performance . Automating your Hr with an HRIS tool helps save time, manage work and most importantly reduces work pressure and monotony for the HR team.

Hence these are the 5 trends that can help in reshaping HR post COVID and can make an impact in your organization. If you would like us to handle any of the above trends write us at

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