We Just Turned 15!

We Just Turned 15!

We Turned 15! It’s been an incredible journey that we had which started from a simple idea turned into something big which even got IPO’ed last year!

The journey so far has been nothing short of being amazing, something which has helped us enable businesses and spread the HR Happiness with everyone.

But being here wouldn’t be possible without everyone that has been out there. And as a way to extend this thank you, we would like to offer one of our most recent and intelligent products out there which is ApHusys.

ApHusys is an HRIS software, which helps to enable the businesses by automating HR, managing payroll and helps you manage your employees in a more systematic way and the best part of this is you can get ApHusys free if you have less than 100 employee records to manage.

To avail this limited time offer, visit https://aphusys.com and simply sign-up.

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Husys Ltd
Husys® Consulting Ltd is India's only true HR Function Outsourcing firm dedicated to build and manage HR departments for small & medium enterprises(SME's).Husys believe that Human Capital Management is a must and is often ignored in the SME segment. Husys Consulting Ltd was born in 2002 out of this vision, and soon became the first who walked the talk in this space with a unique concept of HR Function Management for Organizations. It still rules the roost as a leader and is soon becoming respected as a thought-leader for all Small and Medium enterprises. Today India has one of the largest New HR Business potential in HRFM/HRFO. HUSYS pioneered the concept and a copyrighted process to our credit called “HR Function Outsourcing & Management (HRFO/HRFM)” in building and managing HR function for organizations.

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