For anyone who would like to reach their business goals, it’s important to simplify their tasks and place the right platforms by utilizing the available opportunities. As managing people is the primary daunting task for the companies, investing in the right software we can automate the required employment tasks like a payroll through the Human Resource information system I.e. HRIS Software and simplify your tasks to concentrate on the corporate goals.

Integrating the HRIS platform is the daunting task at the initial stage, but once it’s been placed it gives an immense boost in the organizational-wide. If you would like to do the same it good to keep reading the blog to the end.

What payroll does in the HR world?

Payroll is one of the most important part of the HR Function and one of the most tedious job. It’s a process by which employees receive their salary. The function involves computing, calculations, following the compliances, balancing, reconciling data of the employees, paying taxes, etc. This function is tricky as it involves lots of numbers and can often bring boredom at the time of performing it and is also to be done regularly and under a particular time period.

Why you have to integrate HRIS and Payroll Systems together?

HRIS is all about installing software that would help to integrate and take care of all the HR activities at one platform with ease.  The number of activities including managing employee data, updating it at different levels, payroll management, sharing of HR-related information with all the employees at a given time, recruiting, applicant management, attendance, email alerts, employee self-service, organizational charts, the administration of benefits, succession planning, rapid report production, etc.

Using technology at this level decreases the manual labor of maintaining the data, updating the data, sharing the data by only commanding. So, why would an Organization not like to put the many hours of their employees to better use than use it to majorly update the data?

HRIS Platform offers the solutions in training, payroll, compliances and recruiting all and many more. It is one of the important platforms where an organization should invest in.  A Human Resource System or a solution not only allows a function, but also allows employees to exchange information with greater ease and without the need for the paper through the provision of a single location for announcements, external web links, and company policies. This system is designed to be centralized and accessed easily from anywhere within the company, which also serves to reduce redundancy within the organization.

It is important to choose the HRIS that works for you. It’s a long time investment and the goals, objectives, mission, and values, of a company if defined with this solution is a stepping stone towards a better future and successful run of a company’s HR function. It will be necessary to customize any HRIS to the unique needs of a company so the system will remain flexible and relevant throughout the life of the company or enterprise.

Hence, for such a vertical of a function, it is very important to place a robust system into place to avoid falters, delays internally and externally.  HRIS comes with many customized systems for payroll which can lessen down the manual labor and effort towards period correction and alterations, streamlining the processes, making the system more user-friendly, quicker and accurate.

A few definite significant importance of integrating the payroll with the HRIS platform is that it provides updated information on all the compliances related to payroll.

  • One can easily set an alert and notifications will be received if there is any need towards changing or registering towards any new compliance. This saves time and keeps the business on track towards the compliances.
  • Having HRIS with payroll will automatically store the needed data in the required files and at the right time frame. It also makes it easy to store even large amounts of data without sacrificing space, improving the ability to recall the information in an instant simplifying the purge process when data is no longer needed.
  • Sending reports would have never been convenient, easy in preparing and sending it to the government officials and other important offices. As HRIS gives the option of setting alerts and formats for preparing it on time and having it delivered.

There are many and only benefits of having to invest in the HRIS platform. Using your employee’s efforts for better productive tasks and putting a system in place for the manual work.


Thank you, for reaching to the end of the article and we hope you have better insights on what payroll does and why you should have better technology like HRIS to be placed in your organization. Would you like to place an HRIS platform in your organization? Then try our HRIS software for free (Limited Up to 20 Employees) OR write to us at reach@husys.net to take it further.


And you have already an HRIS system been placed in your company, then comment below which platform you are using and why? We would love to hear from you.

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