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To get a competitive edge, companies must find out the pitfalls & rectify it.

What is an HR Audit?

An HR Audit is carried out to identify and ascertain the needs of improvement and alteration in HR functions. Everything from scratch to the end documents is reviewed to address the ongoing or upcoming issues. 

The complete structure of HR policies, procedures, and practices are checked to find out whether the company is compliant with the present laws and if there is any need for development within the organization.

How HR Audit Will Help Your Business?

HUSYS first understands the type of industry the client deals in and then recommends for the Audit (quarterly, half-yearly or annually) which best suits them. Our team of experts ensure that HR operations are carried out in an efficient yet productive manner to elevate the growth curve. 

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How HR Audit Benefits?

How We Will Execute Auditing?
Why Husys?

Reach High Standards

We follow the standard guidelines while auditing the HR department, this can help the firm to maintain a high level of standard. We are well known for delivering a quality service with a high level of client satisfaction.

Reduce Risk

It helps you remain updated with the Federal & Labor laws associated with employment. Thus, it reduces the risk of legal issues in the future. Auditing on quarterly or half-yearly basis can help on being compliant with the statutory laws. Also, implementation of legal suits always requires an expert support and as promised, HUSYS would always be there to support.

Solutions To Tough Problems

Based on your organizational needs, we adopt different strategies to execute the HR audit. It signals  to providing an activeness in HR department by focusing on different issues which the firm might encounter due to HR department’s inabilities.

State Of The Art Technology

We make use of the latest software introduced by our highly professional HR team, they automatically carry out the payroll process, attendance & leave management and also its easy for us to implement the updated legal suits.
Client Testimonial
We are using Husys services for about 2+ years now and every touchpoint with them has been super smooth, Every employee interactions on the ground have been great, as if we have our own HR System.

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Address the risk with an impactful HR Audit!

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