From An MSME, By An MSME, For The MSME’s – Husys

From An MSME, By An MSME, For The MSME’s – Husys

Husys believes in a saying—

Almost every successful organization begins with two beliefs:

  • The future can be better than the present, and
  • The MSME’s have the power to do it.

Husys is one of the MSME which has evolved by supporting other MSME’s and enabling their business. We are of the ecosystem, by the ecosystem, and for the ecosystem and are closely knit with the community where ever we as Husys have a presence.

We in Husys provide a full support to the MSME’s by giving them a digital business technology to meet their end-to-end HR activities. The MSME segment plays a very crucial role in the socio-economic growth story of the country, and technology is likely to become a sine qua non for driving business growth.

Hiring the right talent at the right time also helps an MSME to have a right profitability. High guidance of information manageability access is given to the MSME’s in order to make their business run smooth. Rather than owning assets, MSME’s can leverage cloud to be operators of those assets owned by an external provider. This enables quick readiness and faster ‘reach to their enterprise goals’, thereby making it a significant driver for MSME growth.

The ideal setting within which MSMEs can play their positive contribution to the maximum in the economy includes taking cognizance of the foresaid structures. In a country like Namibia with large informal or microenterprise sectors, MSMEs should constitute the middle of the size range, a fact that explains much of their strategic importance. In terms of organizational structure, MSMEs are, considerably more complicated on average, involving largely the self-employed and people employed in other larger companies.

But all the micro, small and medium enterprises out there employing over 50% of the working population in the metro cities which shows that enabling these companies and helping them grow is quite essential which is what we tend to do by providing services which actually help enable these businesses by enabling the people in the business.

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