How can outplacement help organizations to sustain during COVID-19 and future-proof their branding?

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Outplacement is the need of the hour today for companies to sustain in future. Looking at COVID -19 situation, most companies are being forced to layoff their human capital. Laying off employees is one solution for business to survive, but a bad word of mouth from employees may destroy your company image. A layoff is the toughest decision which an employer makes to comply with market requirements. Outplacement service takes care of employee’s career transition & renders support after relieving as well. Using outsourcing services not only will help you but also your valued ex-employee. Sometimes layoffs are not intentional, but an unfortunate reality like it is happening in the current situation.
Outplacement services are becoming popular for companies and help businesses to utilize their resources with ease and without any problem. Outplacement services help your talent that is being laid off, with new job opportunities. Outplacement service providers are now being hired by various companies of different sectors in India, to help their employees deal with job loss.

If your company is a start-up providing outplacement can be a huge advantage.

The following points will tell you how: 

Helps in Increasing Loyalty

Layoffs are the scariest things one can go through as an employee of a company, especially if the association is for a very long time. By using an outplacement service as a supporting system for employees, it shows how the company is loyal, concerned and wants to create a level of satisfaction for its employees and show how well they take care of them. Working in a company that genuinely cares about its employees helps create a sense of loyalty.

Helps Build Company Branding

When a company opted for outplacement services, it makes sure that laid-off employees will be taken care to find the right fit to their positions, So that employee will not have to suffer more losses. It helps to build a better public image for the organization and shows that every employee is valued and get appreciated for their work. With a boon in media, everything that happens in a company is being monitored and immediately reported, having outplacement policies help a company avoid coming in the radar of the press.

Get Rid of Legal Issues

Many employees can file a complaint against the company. With the help of an outplacement service, such risks reduce. It helps show that a company is providing employees with a service at their cost and are ready to assist them thus, in turn, helping one to find a new job and it shows how much you care about them. It shows employees that it’s not a personal attack and makes them understand that layoff is an unfortunate step which the company had to take. 

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Counselling For Employees

When an employee gets laid off from his/her job, it is one of the most challenging times for them and their families. The stress and fear hit hard and can cause many problems that can be both financial as well as psychological. Outplacement services that are there help provide counselling sessions with the employees and can help them in releasing the stress, fear and other emotions and thoughts that they have in their minds. All this will show a positive outlook of the company on how they are helping their employees in their tough times even though they are no longer a part of the company. 

Helps Laid-off employees in finding work

Outplacement helps the company to provide employees with job opportunities. It helps your employee find a new job with a new position.

Why Husys?

Employees become disappointed when sudden layoffs happen and to tackle it properly, our team of experts support him/her emotionally and then assist him/her in getting a suitable job. We, at Husys, believe in accomplishing relations beyond office & that’s why we try our best to provide the easiest layoffs.  

Husys Consulting Limited – NSE Ticker: HUSYSLTD ( HR on Cloud ) the first HR Listed company in India and Career Star Group joined hand in hand to deliver the best of outplacement experience throughout the world and customized services to India. We are hooked up with HR companies in more than 70 countries and their know-how in outplacement and development in the Indian context. Husys has handled the outplacement service for more than 15000 individuals in both international and domestic companies in India. We at Husys, have a pool of HR professional experts in providing specific outplacement service and having good experience & understand the delivery from the Indian perspective of Job Market & Strategy, Social Fabric and Career Complexities.

That’s why to tackle the current situation, and to help your employees, and you can trust us to get the best possible results.

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