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Employee Performance Evaluation is the assessment of an employees work related and overall performance. This includes details like employees productivity, attitude, punctuality, their ability to achieve individual goals etc.. Every organisation has their own unique way of conducting the process of employee evaluation and the results have an impact on the company’s overall performance. This acts as an advantage for Human Resource managers as they get a chance to understand the common concerns that in turn  helps them to effectively plan and execute training programs. Having an evaluation of job performance helps one to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. 

Employee engagement is an emotional commitment that an employee feels towards his/her organisation. It is based on trust, integrity, communication and helps in increasing the chances of making a business successful. Employee commitment is based on having a clear understanding of how the organisation helps to  fulfil an individual employees values, purpose and goals. It helps in increasing productivity, revenue, lower the rate of absenteeism, and also betters one’s  quality of work. Employee engagement is very important because when employees are engaged they are likely to invest in the work that they do which leads to high quality of work and better results. It helps in holding the organisation across different industries. Having Engaged employees is the most essential tool that an organisation has,it helps provide a platform to develop strong relationships among employees and allows them to achieve higher productivity rates. Employee engagement helps in increasing customer satisfaction and enhances the culture of the company 

Here are few tips that can help companies evaluate employee performance while working from home and keep them engaged at the same time : 


Communication can act as an  important link  between employees and the organisation while working from home. Communication helps people to stay connected and helps reduce any miscommunication and work related stress and problems that the employee may be facing . It helps to create an open and transparent environment among colleagues irrespective of where they are in the world and helps in  keeping  them motivated throughout the day. Organisations can inculcate this by being proactive, scheduling informal meetings, trying to keep the culture of the office alive and asking for individual communication preferences and then deciding  as it helps the employees to stay positive, happy and feel involved . 

Setting Goals

Goals should be specific, relevant, measurable, time bound and achievable, keeping these points in mind help employees to be engaged and act as a tool to help improve their performance. When employers are specifying goals they should focus on 5Ws i.e. What, When,  Where and Why. Once the goals becomes specific, they can be measured on the basis of progress and helps keep employees motivated. After these goals are measured , they then need to be made achievable for the employees. The goals should be relevant for the employee both in terms of satisfaction and career. While setting up goals one should keep in mind giving deadlines to complete the goals given.

Motivating and Supporting

Keeping employees motivated and being supportive is important for engagement and better evaluation. Motivation can come through recognising the efforts of the employees and praising them for their hard work. Offering different growth strategies to employees. It’s important to make sure that the employees  performance is improving and they are engaged with their work. Giving valuable feedback frequently keeps the employees confident and motivated to work more hard if there is a lack in their performance.

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Promoting Healthy Work Life balance

Healthy work life balance is another important aspect that employers need to keep in mind while working from home. Effective communication, making a flexible work  schedule for your employees etc can act as a tool to implement a healthy balance. Employers need to ensure that their employees are prioritizing their wellness whether it is Mental or physical and ask them to designate different work spaces within their house in order to reduce the monotony of sitting in one place and working.

Maintaining Accountability

Employees are more accountable when they feel trusted, appreciated and engaged. When employees are motivated, and are engaged towards their work they become more accountable to themselves, to their team members and towards the organisation. When a healthy working environment of commitment is created in front of  the employees they  become more focused in their jobs. As employers providing employees what they need to meet the goals and be more productive is important.

Since, the world is currently suffering from the pandemic, adapting to the work from home culture seemed to be the most valuable and responsible way to deal with the situation. The above mentioned tips will help in maintaining employee performance while working from home and at the same time engage employees with their work. Both the things can be maintained smoothly if these tips are followed and implemented properly.

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