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As the trends in technology and other fields change, the trends in HR also changes which enhances employee productivity and organizational development.

If the managers and leaders closely follow these trends, the organization can experience a revolutionary change in the coming year.

We foresee potential in these human resource trends in 2020:

  1. Gig economy

    According to a survey conducted by Times Jobs in 2018, a large number of HR professionals believe that companies will experience an increased economy if more jobs are shifted to freelancing.While working professionals also believe that freelancing could be more productive as compared to traditional work environment (as the company will only pay if the work is done but in a full-time employment), a company is liable to pay even when an employee is not delivering the work.

    Also, many surveys conducted in USA says that around 37% of the American workers will become independent contractors by 2020.

    Hiring a freelancer can be a blessing for a company as he/she will deliver high-quality productivity plus his/her office expense can be cut down.

  2. Flexibility is the catch

    Flexibility in working space and organizations is the best part that could bring a lot of returns. Flexibility includes everything -from not following the strict timing schedules to distributing work responsibilities.

    Adopting new technology and positive approach can bring a revolutionary change in the workspace.

  3. Remote work

    Since the companies have already started accepting employees’ working remotely, the productivity graph shows an upward climb. Various experts say that India will experience a dynamic increase in the remote work.

    The main aim which companies hold nowadays is the completion of the work on time irrespective of the fact that the work is done from home or office.

  4. AI in human resource

    Any HR will get tired of answering the same question about PF, retirement, casual leaves, and others. Well, this is why the chatbots have taken over this process of the HR team which can reply to an employee’s query as many times as he/she wants.

    Many companies have already adopted chatbots in their system and the employees can learn about each and every policy there.

    Experts believe that a majority of companies will be adopting Artificial Intelligence.

  5. Training for reskilling

    Many big firms follow this procedure of reskilling their employees by giving them a certain task or a class for learning the new software. This whole process will ensure that the staff is reskilled or has acquired new skills which can benefit the company in the long run.

    Rather than hiring a new talent, training the existing potential employees can boost company’s economy.

  6. Automation

    Most of the hiring processes have become automated so that the HR can concentrate on other formalities. Also, automation can help an employee to complete his joining formalities, check his timesheets, track attendance and payments.

    By 2020, almost more than half of the Indian companies will acquire automation in HR so that the HR can completely invest time in other matters. Also, it clears out the chances of human or manual errors.

  7. Gamify

    There are various tests such as personality tests, IQ tests and others which are conducted by the HR department at regular intervals. Conducting them in an ordinary or traditional method makes it tedious for the employees. But, if the questions are gamified, more employees will be interested/tempted in answering them.

  8. One-on-one meetings

    Management nowadays conducts one-on-one meetings every week to review the development and track the project’s schedule. This helps in clearing out the confusion as the manager gets to interact with the staff.

  9. On the job training

    In the traditional culture of work, employees used to learn about the company and the work in their initial days and then hit the target. But, nowadays, companies are adopting On-the-Job-Training (OJT) as a procedure to train the employees from the second or first day itself, while the employees can work simultaneously. This can help in high delivery of work schedules and save company’s’ time.

  10. Slack will take over Outlook

    Companies in this era, are looking for easy solutions so that they can feasibly work and get profit. Slack is more feasible for people to use as they can directly message in the group, share screens, video conference or con call with n number of employees at onetime and a lot more.So, Slack is predicted to be used by more companies as compared to Outlook in the coming year.

  11. Less number of HRs

    As most of the work of an HR is being taken over by automation and Artificial Intelligence, the companies are removing many HRs from the organization. Many organizations (mostly startups) only has 1 human resource manager who takes care of every activity in and out.

    Well, it was said for the print media when electronic came into existence that print will lose its existence but the print still has its existence. The only shift which print has seen is from paper to digital. Hence, a human touch in human resource can’t be replaced completely.

  12. LinkedIn

    There is an amazing shift that our country has experienced so far as LinkedIn has evolved to be the best platform where an HR can easily get talent and vice-versa.

    Many professionals use it for their professional growth plus if you have a great number of followers then it becomes a bonus for you :)

  13. BYOD- Bring Your Own Devices

    It has been noticed that employees feel more comfortable when they use their own gadgets at work. Many companies have started this trend which also helps the company to get a relaxation on the company’s budget and benefit employees (as many companies provide allowance for the maintenance).

  14. Gadgets shift

    Many companies don’t use computers as they are more comfortable with the laptops (you can carry it anywhere and have it for work from home as well). Also, there are many firms which prefer tablets to be worked on but that is not quite prevalent in our country yet!

Bottom line

By utilizing one of the most effective departments of the organization- human resource in a proper yet evolving way can benefit an organization like never before!

Adopt these trends if you want your company to reach heights like rocket science :)

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