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HR function management plays a vital role in the development of the organizations. With the advancement of the technology, employer and HR manager are left with lots of options to select the different type of strategies for manpower management. HR functions and operations which are followed previously has completely differed from the current scenarios. Now, the HR no need to do any paperwork, everything is digitized from organizational structural design, recruitment, business process, relieving process, statutory compliance, and payroll. Even in some large organization, they are looking for, taking the robotic interview. This is how the technology is changing from time to time. The Large organization generally adopts the advanced technologies quickly. But this is not the case with the SME’s. They don’t want any implementation in their existing scenarios as it will effect on their budget. So they pay a very high attention in maintaining any business process. In case of the large organization, they do experiments to get benefited from the new technologies and for getting better utilization of their resources and for getting quality in work.  

What are the major factors that impact the SME’s in India?

  • High Charges on credit
  • Lack of access to equity capital
  • Collateral requirements
  • Lack of credit
  • Inadequate marketing opportunities
  • Dependency on Manual processes
  • Lack of skilled Manpower
  • Lack of Resources and infrastructure

Current Role of HR in a Global Recession:

The role of HR to be utilized more from a strategic perspective for business support in the current situation:
  • Involve in business planning
  • Creating an organization-wide role & responsibilities
  • Effective time and performance management
  • Organizational communication
  • Improve workforce processes
  • Create innovative solutions for resource pool
  • Build alternative resource management
  • Create models for reskilling/ retrain/ multiskill

some of the strategies which are adopted by HR’s in the current scenario:

  • Enhanced focus on Performance Management System
  • Multiple utilities of resources with enhanced role & responsibility definition (Job enlargement)
  • Just in time hiring (in case of emergencies)
  • Organization-wide productivity reviews
  • Build ideal people/HR processes
  • Reduce the lowest 30% of performers & evaluate and retain top 20% who contribute 80% value.
  • Continue to build value for top performers
  • Partner with educational institutes, who has infrastructure & people
  • Move to zero bench/unproductive resources
  • Partnering synergy with companies who can offer advanced business development services.

What are the roles HR plays in the current scenario?

In the current scenario, HR’s are responsible for handling multiple tasks at the same time. They need to divide their time into handling different tasks. With the development and drastic change in the market, the requirement of the workforce and the business process is changing which require special attention of HR align with the changing market conditions. Some of the roles are discussed here:

HR as a Business Head:

HR must have the ability to think like a business head and carry out the process and do the necessary implementation and according to the changing work environment. HR should keep updated themselves with the market trends in the business and should be ready to accept the challenges in this growing market intelligence.

HR as a Finance Person

In this competitive business market, where the change is mandatory. The first challenge of HR is maintaining cost efficiency and also without any compromise in the resources. They need to fulfill the demand of the business with cost reduction. There needs to maintain the quality and reduce the cost, wherever possible and deliver the best.

HR as a Marketing Person

All HR Managers should act as a brand ambassador for the organization in marketing the company to people whom you want to recruit. They should know how to represent the company in the external market.

HR as a Strategic Planner

HR must be sharp enough to act based on the situation with the right strategies so that organization must have a smooth functioning. HR must be adaptive to the changes in the market and be ready with the right strategies to implement and tackle the issues.

HR as Effective Negotiator

HR must have a good knowledge of the market scenario so that they can better deal with the people and can make an appropriate negotiation. HR negotiation skills not only help in dealing with the external team. But also with internal staff and top management, many times for the betterment of business process and also to reduce the cost to the maximum extent.

HR as a Motivational Guru

HR plays a major role in employee engagement activity. They must motivate the employees and make them believe themselves in carrying out tasks so that they feel confident and carry out the process which helps both the employees and organization to develop. Also, they must have regular plans for development activities for employees. HR should ensure employees must be rewarded and recognized for their efforts from time to time. Apart from this role, HR plays many other roles which are beneficial for both the employees and the organization.
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