Why go for Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Why go for Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is still a new concept for many SME’s. RPO is best practiced in the larger organization when they require huge human resources for filling out the vacant positions. In SME’s also if they are looking to hire a group of people they go for RPO. As RPO is associated with an ample of benefits which make the SME’s to get a good developmental scope in the market. RPO is the best concept for any size of the organization in the recruitment process.

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the concept where the third party takes the contract from the employer to provide the recruitment support either partially or completely based on employer demands. In a partial process, the employer has their own recruitment team, but they need a support because of lack of knowledge in their in-house department or increase demand in that particular period of time, want to have a specialization in their recruitment team or similar other reason. In the complete RPO process, the third party needs to take care of the complete recruitment process from advertising till the induction program and relieving process.

Benefits associated with RPO for any organization:

Quality Hire:

Specialization comes with the recruitment process when you go with the RPO. As the entire team is working on that particular task. They maintain the standard for the recruitment process and helps you to maintain the image of your organization. They put their experience in representing the employees to the client.  

Cost Reduction:

RPO provides a right talent for the position and with a high employee retention rate. This reduces the cost of the employer to spend money on recruitment process frequently to rehire the employee for the same position. This will help you for a long term.

Scalable Model

RPO is best for handling the situation of companies at any time. Either at recession or at peak time where the company is in expansion phase or opening a new department. The RPO providers will charge the company based on the positions they fill. It provides flexibility to scale recruitment team up and down as required.

Reduced Time to Hire

RPO providers are specialized in it so they have a list of profiles and enough data to approach for filling the positions in a short span of time. Even for a tight time or high demand, RPO meets the deadlines.

Talent Pooling

The RPO provider regularly saves the data of talented people for particular positions. Pooled resources are actively engaged and create a community when there is demand for that position.

Analytics and Reporting

Every process of the recruitment is properly documented and reported. By reviewing that report can easily recruit the people of any positions and audits can also be performed to recruit the best talent for the position.

Recruitment Process and Assessment Design

RPO providers follow a standard procedure to recruit so that it’s consistent across all departments. It will be easy for the management to follow the standard procedure and develop at any given time.

Enhanced Employment Brand

RPO helps the employer to build their brand. They follow a professional way to handle the entire recruitment process that makes the candidates feel better and they like to refer the other also because they feel secure with the standardized process of recruitment.

Excellent compliance regulations

RPO firms considered and follow all the labor laws and standards. Complete documents of an employee are recorded and saved in the software. So that the employer won’t get any legal issues in the future. They are guaranteed to implement the standards and auditable process and strategies.

Competitive advantage:

The RPO provider selects the right candidate in the recruitment process. That helps the employer to get the right talent even at the time of demands. Many companies don’t go with the RPO, they do direct advertising that takes time to recruit. Which provides a competitive advantage to the employer.

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