Increase Salary in this 2021 and Survive


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Salary Increase? Yes Really !!!

You can increase the salary of your team & survive. How? Let’s examine a way to achieve.

As we go through 2021… Common people feel that we are out of the #COVID scare in India with vaccines and also the falling number of cases. However, the businesses are still struggling especially the companies who could not do #WFH (Work from Home). The companies whose production facilities are stopped and slowly restarting at this time.

Salary Increase must correspond to the future delivery. Not for Past performance

The best way to look at Salary is to increase to the future progress of the company. Its time that the employees who expect salary hikes must participate in the growth. No Choice. Let “Salary Increase must be proportional to Future Contribution” is the norm of the appraisal. Focus on Potential #Assessment than Past #Performance.

The Plan

Try these following steps and modify them accordingly to your company situation.

Know the importance of Compensation Benchmarking for both Employer and Employee

How do you execute?

You can increase your #salaries following way (suggestion; you could modify based on your actual business scenario).

Try this or any other variation based on your situation, you could create. After all, it’s your story.

Please do post your story on how you are achieving your #2021 targets with people..

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2 thoughts on “Increase Salary in this 2021 and Survive”

  1. Great Post! during this pandemic time, many of the employees have lost their jobs. This post will surely help out those employees how to get the jobs or increase their salary in this year 2021.
    Thank you for sharing and keep posting….

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