Risk Migration and Making Employee Compliance in 2023

Employee Compliance in 2023

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Local, federal, and state employment laws will continue to change. For instance, twenty-three states and D.C. raised minimum wages in 2023, effective January 1. Thus, businesses must keep themselves abreast to ensure employee compliance in 2023. If not, they risk getting penalized and hurting their employer’s brand.

If you have employees in multiple states or countries, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by constantly evolving labor laws. But that’s what we’re here for. This guide will take you through common compliance challenges and tips to mitigate risks and ensure employee compliance in 2023.

Let’s dig right in!

5 Common Employee Compliance Issues

Before we dive into how to ensure compliance in 2023, let’s understand the common challenges HR professionals face.

Noncompliant Interview Questions

The questions you can ask in an interview depend largely on where you’re hiring employees. For instance, asking for current (or previous) compensation is common in India. However, it is illegal in the US.   

Hiring managers must also avoid questions that elicit information about the protected class, such as “how old are you?” “Do you have kids?” or “what year did you graduate high school?”  

Therefore, thoroughly train anyone who would be involved in the hiring process. Also, ensure a thorough understanding of local laws, especially when hiring in a foreign country. 

Taxes and Social Security

Another critical challenge for HR managers is ensuring they pay locally required taxes and appropriate social security. But, again, taxation laws vary from country to country, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.  

You need HR and payroll experts who know local taxation laws and reporting requirements. Even a minor mistake could lead to fines and penalties.  

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Data Protection

Focus on data protection has increased significantly in recent years. According to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws, businesses must protect their employees’ data. In addition, they should ensure the data is encrypted and shared only via a shared network.   

However, this could be a challenge for businesses with a remote workforce. In those cases, the use of VPNs and encryption tools becomes important.

Benefits and Compensation

Mandatory benefits vary from country to country. For instance, if you have employees in the US, you must include unemployment insurance, social security, Medicare, and FMLA (family and medical leave act) protections in the package. However, you must offer superannuation, life and disability insurance, and EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) to employees in Australia.   

Therefore, you must carefully consider the benefits package based on the country you’re hiring to avoid non-compliance issues.  

Termination Policies and Practices

Termination is a part of the business. However, it could lead to lawsuits and cost companies millions of dollars if not done right. For instance, in most countries, before you terminate an employee for performance reasons, you must make multiple attempts to improve their performance. At the same time, you should document these processes to avoid fines.

How to Ensure Employee Compliance in 2023?

Now that you understand common employee compliance issues well, let’s look at some ways to avoid employee compliance in 2023.

Prioritize Research

Before you enter a new market or industry, research the employment laws, current trends, and how your competitors (both local and global) function there. You should also check if your competitors have had employee compliance issues so you can learn from their failures.   

It is also advisable to understand the consequences of non-compliance if it occurs. This will help you stay prepared for anu unforeseen circumstances.

Practice Policy Documentation

Creating an end-to-end, detailed compliance repository for your employees and the HR team is critical. It should include the company policies, work culture, and country-specific laws & regulations. In addition, it will educate your employees on their terms of employment and how to report non-compliance.   

Besides, with such complex laws and regulations, it is easy to miss out on little things. Documenting will reduce confusion and ensure everything is followed.

Stay Abreast of Changes in Labor Laws

As mentioned above, labor regulations change over time. Therefore, HR managers must keep themselves updated with the new laws and regulations. You can do that by subscribing to reliable sources, such as: 

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Conduct Regular Compliance Audits

One of the best ways to mitigate risks and ensure employee compliance in 2023 is by conducting regular audits. It will help you identify issues quickly and avoid non-compliance issues.

It is recommended to create an internal audit team who looks for and fixes any abnormalities. You can also consider hiring an external audit firm to provide unbiased suggestions on ensuring compliance.

Invest in PEO Services

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) are third-party companies that allow you to outsource HR, payroll, and employee compliance. They help businesses comply with local laws, minimize employment risks, and improve employee engagement.   

Another benefit of PEO services is that they help you offer Fortune 500 companies-like benefits to your employees at pocket-friendly prices. Besides, they have regulatory experts on employment and tax laws that can help you avoid fines, irrespective of the country you operate in.  

Wrapping Up

Ensuring employee compliance is a critical part of HR responsibilities. Begin by identifying problems with your existing process. Then, document compliance requirements to ensure all employees know their rights. Lastly, partner with a reliable PEO provider to mitigate risks and meet global compliance requirements.

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